Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Mini Homeware Haul

Homeware shopping is my favourite - I actually think I get more enthusiastic over buying a new candle than I do a lipstick! (saddo, I know.) Here are some affordable bits and pieces I picked up over the weekend - all coming in at less than £10 each...

Peony Jam Jar Vase, £8, Next
First up is this cute little vase with artificial peonies, from Next. This featured on my wishlist earlier this week and I'm so glad I actually bought it as I love it - it really brightens up the hallway which is quite dull due to lack of natural lighting.

Heart shaped plate, £3.50, Next
Secondly, I've been needing a place to keep our keys and thought this little heart shaped plate from Next was perfect for the job. A steal at just £3.50 as well! 

Vintage Collection candle, £5, Boots
Just when I thought I didn't need any more candles, this little beauty caught my eye in Boots. I have a bit of a thing for navy blue at the moment (as you can tell by my duvet cover) so couldn't resist this fragranced candle with it's super cute navy blue bow. This technically ended up being free, too, as I was buying some Christmas prezzies in Boots and needed a third item for my 3 for 2 so decided to opt for this. Bargain!

Photo frame, £8, Next
Finally, I'm constantly buying photo frames but I really liked the minimal chevron design on this one so had to pick it up! I swear every time I go into Next I cannot leave without purchasing something homeware related!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find links for the heart plate and photo frame but they are both from Next so keep an eye out for them in store!

Have you bought any homeware bits and pieces recently? Link me to your posts below!

B x


  1. The little heart shaped dish is so sweet! I love next homeware and even more than most since my boyfriends mum gets me a staff discount ! :) xxxx

    1. Ooh I'm jealous! With discount I would be unstoppable! Xx

  2. Such cute items! {:
    Especially the candle, so precious.

    1. it's so cute isn't it! tempted to buy another haha

  3. Homeware shopping is also my favorite. Really lovely picture frame.

    rae of love from berlin

  4. I think I need to get some photo frames for mine and my partners house as we don't have any framed photos up yet and we have lived together 6 months haha X


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