Thursday, 29 January 2015

20 (Very Real) Girl Problems

I really enjoyed writing my last girl-related post "20 things that make me a stereotypical girl" and it seemed to go down pretty well with you guys! So I thought I'd have a go at another list you can all relate to. This time it's 20 problems us gals have to deal with. Yep, the struggle is real...

1. Applying mascara and sneezing/knocking your arm slightly resulting in a patch of black ruining your entire face which you've just spent the last half an hour doing.
2. One eyebrow ALWAYS looks better than the other no matter how hard you try.
3. And the same goes for winged liner. One eye has the perfect feline flick - but the other is just a big black mess.
4. Wants short hair, gets it all cut off, cries.
5. The struggle when trying to fasten your bra through about 5 layers of clothing when it somehow pops open in the middle of the day.
6. Being a completely different bra size in every single shop.
7. All of your make-up running out at the exact same time.
8. The torturous decision of whether or not to get up early and wash your hair or have greasy hair for the rest of the day. Bed wins.
9. Having curly hair and wanting straight hair / Having straight hair and wanting curly hair.
10. Realising you need to shave your legs because you're going to be having your legs out that night. Such. An. Effort.
11. Popping to the shop with no make-up on, greasy hair, wearing joggers and bumping into people you haven't seen in years - who now think you must always look this crap.
12. Going into Boots for toothpaste and leaving £100 lighter with lots of make up you definitely needed.
13. Stalking someone on Instagram and liking a photo from 2012. The shame.
14. Ordering a skinny latte and realising it just doesn't taste the same as full fat.
15. Painting your nails and suddenly feeling the need to itch everywhere.
16. Doing your hair and make-up absolutely PERFECT but it's 10pm on a Tuesday and you have nowhere to be but bed.
17. Wearing a really nice white top and ruining the neckline with foundation.
18. Putting your hair in a really cool up-do then realising you have to get your pyjama top off, and 
put another top on, without ruining it.
19. Being spot-free for a good month then a MASSIVE one decides to arrive when you're about to go on a big night out, where it's guaranteed your face will feature in hundreds of photos. 
20. The daily struggle of deciding which outfit to wear - It's a hard life.

Can you relate to any of these? Have I missed any major probs? Tell me in the comments below. 

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  1. Great list! Painting your nails and then needing a wee, happens to my every time.

  2. Absolutely loved this post hun, laughed (and nodded my head) throughout all of it! I did the instagram shame move yesterday, *dies of embarassment*


  3. aw thank you so glad you like it :) oh god there is nothing worse! :(

  4. Love it! Great list can relate to most of them.

  5. I can relate to every single one haha!! Such a good post beth! xx

    Abi | - Don't forget to enter my giveaway

  6. hahah oh girly I loved these :) :) Lots apply to me!!

    Kayleigh xoxo


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