Sunday, 25 January 2015

Book Review #3 / No Time For Goodbye

No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay
A creepy looking front cover, eerie title and suspenseful summary made me certain this book was the one for me as thrillers are my favourite kind of reading material. When reading a novel of this genre I want to be gripped from start to finish. Luckily for me, Linwood Barclay had me well and truly hooked...

"The house was silent. No sound of her parents getting ready for work, or her brother late for school. Were they punishing her for last night? She'd been out on a date when she should have been studyinh. and had a huge fight with her father. So where was everyone now? Why had her family disappeared?

Twenty-five years later and the mystery is no nearer to being solved and Cynthia is still haunted by unanswered questions. Were her  family murdered? Abducted? If so, why was she spared? Are if they're alive, why did they abandon her?

My Mum passed this book onto me so I didn't really know anything about it before reading - which is probably the best way as I had no pre-judgements or expectations. I had high hopes for the last two books I read so, when they didn't quite fulfil my expectations, I couldn't help feel a little down. I usually like to know something about a book before picking it up which is stupid really as often the books you start reading, completely unaware of what's to come, are the one's that turn out to be the best kind - this was definitely the case for No Time For Goodbye. 

Linwood Barclay is a pretty established author in thriller and crime novels, now, but No Time For Goodbye was actually the novel that first got him noticed in the genre - and I can certainly see why it 
led to his success. 

The book dives head first into the plot line from the very first page. Cynthia, a 14 year old girl, wakes up with a hangover and is desperately hoping to avoid her parents - especially her Father - who embarrassed her the night before after finding her drunk in a car with an older boy.  But the house is completely empty when she awakes - no sign of her Mum, Dad or brother. Although this doesn't seem too strange at first, it soon  becomes clear that they are not coming back.

The book then skips forward to the present day. It's actually Cynthia's husband, Terrence, who becomes the narrator and we find out that a documentary is being made about her families disappearance, twenty five years ago. 

It's clear Cynthia is still hung up about the past and, although the documentary doesn't seem to bring forward many leads at first, things start to happen that make her convinced her family are still alive.

I found it extremely hard to put this book down as so much happens - it's literally packed with suspense, action and unexpected twists and turns. I don't really want to give anything away but all I will say is that you won't be disappointed. I was completely engrossed from start to finish and didn't guess the ending at all, which is always a bonus - there's nothing worse than figuring out what's going to happen when you're only halfway through a book!

Barclay's writing is spot on - it's straight to the point with no unnecessary 'waffle', as I like to call it. He goes straight into the action and has you eager for more at the end of every chapter. I could easily have read this book in one sitting if I'd had the time! Definitely the best book I've read so far this year. 

Have you read this book? Have you got any recommendations for me? Let me know!

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  1. Ooh this sounds good. I love a good thriller!

  2. me too - you'll love this if you're a thriller fan :) x

  3. aahh!! just reading this little synopsis has me wanting to know what happened?!?!? this sounds like an AMAZING book!!!

  4. It's such a good book - definitely recommend! :) x


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