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Review: Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Make Up Blending Sponge

Nanshy Blending Sponge

Before we start, I have to hold my hands up and be honest here - I have never tried a beauty blending sponge. I've got so accustomed to using a brush to apply my foundation, I've never even thought to see what other options there are. So when I was sent this 4 in 1 make up blending sponge* by cruelty-free brand Nanshy, I was very excited to give it a go.

I'm a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to make up - I've used the same foundation for about a year now and a lot of my other staple products have stayed the same for a while - including my trusty Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. So as I sat down to put my face on for the day, armed with this strange looking sponge - I was a bit apprehensive.

First things first,  I have to say how much I love the packaging. Obviously it's what inside that counts but first impressions are always good and I just love the sleek, simplistic box the sponge is cased in.
Moving on to the actual product... After checking out how to actually use the tool on the Nanshy website, I soon realised how easy it was to use. You're supposed to dampen the sponge first so it gets bigger and will absorb the make up better and then pick up your foundation with the rounded bottom and blend away! The first thing I noticed was how soft the sponge is - it made applying my foundation feel much less of a chore. 

I applied my usual foundation, Lancome Teint Miracle, with the sponge and felt like the coverage that it gave me was basically the same as what I would get from my brush - although I did find blending with the sponge a little easier, thanks to it's super fine tip. I also often have a problem with getting foundation in my hairline, when using a brush, but the blending sponge put a stop to this which was definitely a bonus. However, I did find that my overall foundation application took me longer using the sponge - but this is probably because it's a tool I haven't completely got to grips with yet. 

So what makes the sponge a '4-in-1'?
1) The fine tip at the top of the sponge is great for getting into those pesky hard to reach areas or for fine blending.
2) The flattened shape on the side works well for using under your eye area or around your nose.
3) The 'waist' of the sponge makes handling it really easy. 
4) The rounded bottom for blending foundation in larger areas (it also allows the sponge to stand 
upright as well which is pretty nifty.)

One thing that concerned me with a sponge was how dirty it looks after using it. I have to admit that I don't clean my brushes as often as I should but it's a lot easier to notice a dirty sponge than it is a brush so I would probably want to clean this daily. After all, no-one wants to see a foundation covered sponge just chilling on a pretty white dressing table do they? So to wash it, I simply rinsed with hot water and a bit of shampoo (the same way I'd clean my brushes). You can see below how easily the foundation comes off it.

It's worth noting that Nanshy are a cruelty-free, vegan brand which, although isn't really something that influences myself, is a factor that can be very important for some people when choosing a make up brand. Does this mean that they're slightly more expensive than other brands? I thought that might be the case but their products are actually very competitively priced and you can purchase this sponge for a reasonable £5.95.

It's also latex free, non-allergenic and fragrance free so fine for sensitive skin too, phew!

The blending sponge launches in February but you can pre-order yours here for £5.95.

Would you trade your brush for a sponge? Have you tried any Nanshy products? I'd love to know!

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