Thursday, 19 February 2015

20 Girl Problems - Part 2

Girl Problems
I loved writing my last girl problems post but realised a list of 20 didn't really cover them all! So, here's part 2 of yet more problems and predicaments that come with being a lady...

1) Purchasing thousands of bobbles and hair grips but only actually being able to locate 1 of each - seriously, though, where do they go!?
2) Your last bobble snapping and having no back up plan.
3) Eating healthily ALL DAY, then the 8pm munchies kick in and about a 1000 calories are suddenly consumed by eating an entire sharing Galaxy bar - oops.
4) The sadness over breaking a nail when you'd finally got them all to the same length.
5) Constantly having to buy tights because, no matter how careful you are, there will always be at least one mysterious hole/ladder.
6) Finding hair literally everywhere.
7) Wondering how long you can get away with not pulling all the hair out of your brush/washing your make up brushes.
8) Becoming obsessed with split ends and spending hours staring at them and picking them out.
9) Actually making an effort with your hair only to leave the house and find out it's raining. Why me?
10) Guys presuming it must be that time of the month because you're a bit snappy. No, I'm just a 
moody bitch sorry.
11) People asking 'what's wrong?' because you have a resting bitch face. This is my natural facial expression!
12) Losing the backs of your earrings and accepting they'll never be seen again.
13) Immediately regretting not bringing a jacket on a night out when its about -2 outside.
14) Secretly hating your friend for looking way better than you in a photo of the two of you together - and then making it her profile picture. Cheers hun.
15) Wondering why the creator of the pill made it so tiny - it's as if they wanted you to drop it and have to crawl around looking for it on a daily basis.
16) The devastation over dropping a powder/bronzer/blush on the floor and it shattering to pieces.
17) Long hair + lipgloss + wind = disaster.
18) The pure pain after wearing some brand new high heels on a night out.
19) Camera roll = selfies, starbucks, food.
20) Thinking of some of the conversations you and your friends have and realising you're actually complete bitches (and you don't really care.)

Check out part 1 here! How many can you relate to? Are there any more I've missed?

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