Sunday, 22 February 2015

Book Review #7 / Hero Or Zero

As I've become a bit of a bookworm this year, I was very excited when an author - Julie Shackman -contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I'd like to review her latest novel 'Hero or Zero'*. I needed a bit of light reading after the past few thrillers I've read so this little romantic comedy sounded right up my street. I'm also about 5 years late to the party here but this is the first book I've ever read electronically (can you believe it!?)

As I don't own a kindle or a tablet I ended up reading Hero or Zero on my boyfriends phone and, whilst the traditionalist in me does favour an actual paperback, I did like the fact I could read this in the dark and not have arm ache from turning the pages - maybe a kindle investment could be on the cards soon!?

This book is exclusive to Amazon and is only available electronically at the moment so it was a completely new find for me - which is great as recently I've being picking books that come with high expectations and, when they don't meet them, I'm left feeling a bit deflated.

So - onto the novel! You know how shows like The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea can be a tad cheesy but you can't help but love them? This is definitely how I felt about Hero or Zero! It's the classic girl meets guy storyline however it's not in the usual circumstances. Single mum Chloe enters a competition in a celeb magazine and the prize? Showbiz hunk Ethan Blake, who she's fancied for as long as she can remember, moves in with her for a month!

I absolutely loved the character of Chloe as she's so down to earth and loveable. Immediately, I wanted her and her little boy Danny to have a happy ending and this is one of the most important things in a book for me. If I don't feel a connection to the character, I can often lose interest as I just don't care what happens to them. This wasn't the case at all with Hero or Zero's leading lady.

Like anyone would be if their celeb crush was about to move in with them, Chloe gets a bit giddy about the whole thing and splashes out on new furniture and decorations to make her flat perfect for his arrival.

But, as you can probably guess by the title, Ethan doesn't quite live up to her expectations as the 'hero' she held him as...

I have to say I enjoyed this book a lot more than I first thought I would. Like a lot of 'chick lit's', it's a bit cheesy and predictable, in parts, but, nevertheless, it's got a unique storyline, characters you can actually feel close to and some hilarious one-liners. I also like the fact you get to know more about the supporting characters too rather than just focusing on Chloe. Definitely one of those heart-warming, guilty pleasure reads that'll make you smile and even laugh out loud in parts.  

You can buy Hero or Zero here.

Does this book sound like something you'd enjoy? What have you been reading recently?

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