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20 Little Things That Make Me Happy

I hate to say it, but I'm definitely a cup half empty kinda gal - and I'm trying to make a concious effort to change that this year. I recently bought the book 14,000 Things To Be Happy About and, reading through it, realised that there are so many little things that put a smile on my face. So, being the list lover I am,  I compiled my own list of the things that make me happy (don't worry there's not 14,000 things on this one!)

1) Latte's
Whether it's one from Starbucks/Costa or made in my Tassimo machine, there's just something about latte's that seem a lot more of a luxury than a standard coffee or tea. Maybe it's the pretty swirly design or how creamy they are. Even better when they're vanilla/caramel flavoured.
2) Reading a good book
I set myself a challenge to read a book a week this year which, in itself, has being a great resolution as I love reading. But, it's even better when I find a book that I just absolutely love. The kind that really gets you thinking and may even change your perceptions/attitudes on something - those are the best kind.
3) Dippy eggs
Every Saturday & Sunday, without fail, my boyfriend and I have eggs and soldiers (or dippy eggs if you're as childish as I am) for breakfast and it's just the best thing ever.  Starting my day with a good breakfast always seems to put me in a positive mood for the rest of the day ahead. I just wish I could be bothered to get up earlier during the week to do this!
4) Booking a random day off work and doing nothing
When you don't get much annual leave, most of it is booked around going away or going to an event etc. So, if I have holiday days left over, I always like to have an extended weekend by booking a random Monday or Friday off - even though I have nothing planned - just to chill and bask in the fact I'm getting paid to sit at home in my pyjamas.
5) M&S chocolate chunk shortbreads
(As seen in the photo above.) I've got a bit of an unhealthy obsession with these and if I lived nearer to an M&S they could become a daily habit. They're absolutely gorgeous and, if you haven't tried one before, I highly recommend. Have one alongside a latte and it's double the happiness.
6) Finding a bargain
Whether it's something I've had an eye on for a while or a little sporadic purchase, I love the satisfaction of getting something much cheaper than it should have been.
7) The look on someone's face when you give them a thoughtful gift
This is something that doesn't happen as often as the others but there's no reason it shouldn't. Even if it's just buying someone their favourite chocolate bar when they're having a shit week or printing out a photo of a happy time - seeing someone's face when you give them something that you know they will appreciate is priceless.
8) Going for a walk
I used to go for a walk every Sunday and, this year, I've really let that slip. Being stuck in a stuffy office during the week, I barely see  a little walk on a weekend - to nowhere in particular - to get a bit of fresh air and clear your head.

9) Sprucing up my flat
Whether it's buying big pieces of furniture or just simple little decorations to give my flat that homely touch, I love sprucing the place up a bit every now and again to give it a bit of a refresh. Tidy home, tidy mind, right?
10) Stepping in from the cold
Hopefully this will start to stop soon (who am I kidding, we live in England!) but the feeling of getting in your dressing gown and sitting in front of the fire after being out in the cold, winter weather is just perfect.
11) Catching up with friends I haven't seen for a while
Those friends who you might not see often but, as soon as you're together, it feels like you were never apart.
12) Surprising someone
A bit like giving someone a thoughtful gift, the look on someone's face when you surprise them (in a good way) is great. Maybe it's coming home from uni to see your parents on a weekend without telling them or sending someone a little something through the post. Knowing you've made someone 
else happy is a sure fire way too make yourself happy (as selfish as that may sound!)

13) Giving something to charity/ doing something for charity
I'm ashamed to say that I don't do this often enough at all. A few years ago I did the Race for Life and felt great afterwards - knowing I'd pushed myself and raised money for a good cause whilst doing it was such an amazing feeling and is something I'd like to do more often.
14) A nice smelling candle
Yankee salted caramel is my FAVE. Having the smell of warm caramel wafting through the air is definitely something to smile about.
15) Taking a bath
I never have baths - I've only had one since I moved into my flat a year ago! But I absolutely love relaxing in one with a nice bath bomb, lots of bubbles and having a bit of a daydream.
16) Hot chocolate
I'm sure hot chocolate has special healing powers in it that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as soon as you've taken a sip. Options Belgian Chocolate is my current favourite.
17) Looking through old photos
I don't really print out photos any more, unless there's a particular one I want to frame. But, back in the day of disposable cameras, you had to print them. My mum & dad have loads of albums filled with old pictures from family days out and holidays and I always get a warm feeling of nostalgia whilst browsing through them.
18) Pretty cupcakes
I don't even really like icing or butter cream but I feel they are necessary as I just love the look of prettily decorated cupcakes. Even more so if I've made them myself.
19) A traffic-free drive
Working peak hours means I spend the majority of my drives stood still in traffic - and nobody's got time for that. So when I have one of those smooth drives where I hit all the green lights, and there's no traffic in sight, I always feel pretty pleased with myself (like I've somehow controlled the traffic myself.)

20) Friends
As in the TV show. Friends is my all time favourite tv series and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. I don't have comedy central so I rarely get to watch it but, when I do, I find myself in hysterics over episodes I've seen countless times. 
I'll be doing a review of this book soon but if you're interested in checking out '14,000 Things To Be Happy About' by Barbara Ann Kipfer, you can buy it here. It's very American so I couldn't relate to every single one, but it's great to just pick up and have a flick through if you're feeling a bit down.

What little things make you happy? :)

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