Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Blogs I'm Currently Loving

With the sheer amount of blogs there are today, I'm constantly stumbling across, and falling in love with, new ones on a daily basis. I thought I'd share the love a bit and have handpicked a few which have really stood out for me lately so you can discover them too (if you haven't already, of course...)

1) Toothbrush Travels
I ended up on Amy's blog after she commented on my Twitter status during a blogger chat - and I'm so glad I decided to visit! Amy's blog is packed with amazing tales of her time in Thailand and after lusting over her incredible photos of it's deep blue seas, seriously tasty looking food and super cute monkeys, it's been confirmed that I NEED to visit Thailand, myself. In the midst of her travelling posts, we also get to see the girl behind the blog too with some really thought-provoking personal posts (my favourite kind.) 

2) Effortlessly Excessive
Another country on my 'to visit' list is Finland, thanks to Kirsty - who currently lives there as an expat. Think stunning scenery and snowy landscapes. And not the crappy kind you get in England that lasts a couple of hours but real, thick, white snow. As well as getting to see glimpses of her Finnish life, Kirsty posts a variety of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts and, boy, does this girl have good taste - I can guarantee I'll always find something to add to my wishlist when paying her blog a visit!

3) Katie Charlotte Blogs
Okay there's a definite theme going on here as here's another blog that drew me in with it's breathtaking photos of a place I am dying to visit - Sorrento, Italy. This then led me to stalk the rest of Kate's blog and I love her mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. Especially this one which resonated a lot with me as I, too, am at a place where I feel I need to choose happiness above other things.

4) A Little Soapbox
I'm a sucker for bright, white clear photos and Jill's blog has got that down to a tee. Jill's blog was one of the first I discovered when I started blogging, myself, and I've loved it ever since. My bank balance might not agree though as I'm ALWAYS pining after her make up and skincare recommendations. Jill also regularly posts book reviews too, which is great for me as I'm always on the hunt for a new read!

5) Hannah Gale
If there's one blog I check every day, without fail, then it's Hannah's. I find it crazy how I can relate so much to EVERYTHING she posts. Hannah basically just says the things that we're all thinking, but wouldn't necessarily know how to word ourselves, and I love her for it. If you want to laugh, cry and find yourself nodding along like a lunatic, thinking "oh my god that is so me" then check out Hannah's blog now (although I'm pretty sure almost all of you will already know about it!)

6) Je Blogue
Okay so remember what I said in the intro about finding new blogs on a daily basis? I just had to edit this post before hitting publish as I started reading Imogen's latest post (a really interesting read about whether or not we should be like the 'big' bloggers to succeed) and ended up trawling through the rest of her blog, nodding in agreement, wondering why I haven't discovered it sooner. I absolutely love her writing style - everything just flows really well - and almost every topic she talks about, I can relate to or laugh along with. 
What blogs have you been loving lately?
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