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20 Things That Were Cool When I Was 13

I can't believe it was 9 years ago since I turned 13 - nine! My little sister is this age currently and she likes taking selfies, drinking Starbucks and stalking people on Instagram - not dissimilar from my 22 year old self. 13 year olds aren't like what they used to be, eh? Here's a little list of things I was loving at the start of my teenage years, back in 2006/2007...

First things first, can we just appreciate mine and my sisters outfits? A cropped cardigan AND a denim skirt - I was living the dream. And I'm loving Gemma's pedal pushers and long beaded necklace. So 2006. Anyway here's some other things that were seriously cool back in the day...

1.  Dream matte mousse
The thickest, cakiest foundation known to man - and every year 9 was desperate to get their hands on it.

2. Vaseline tins
You can get these badboys in all kinds of scents now but back in the day they were pretty new and you were limited to the original blue pot or maybe a green aloe vera if you were lucky! Anyone who was anyone carried a trusty tin in their blazer pocket at all times.

3. Jane Norman carrier bags
If you didn't carry your P.E kit in one of these colourful plastic bags then who were you?

4. Signed pencil cases
Buying a brand new pencil case and defacing it in a day with cool, quirky messages and signatures from all your pals. 

5. Side fringes
Those big side-swept ones that looked great when you first stepped out of the house but ended up stuck to your sweaty forehead, flicking in every direction, an hour later.

6. MSN
MSN was still in it's heyday back in 06. As soon as you got home from school it was straight onto the computer to catch up with your friends to see what they'd been up to since you parted ways half an hour ago.

7. 'Cool' emails 
Obviously you had to have a cool email to match your sassy msn name - because just having your full name was a bit boring wasn't it? Mine was xx-bethee-xx (cringe.) Not so cool when I got to 16 and wanted to look professional whilst applying for a job...

8. MySpace
Ahh MySpace. Before Facebook and Twitter took the world by storm this was THE social media site you had to have. Top friends, pc4pc and those people who were 'MySpace famous' that you were secretly a bit envious of.

9. Getting super dressed up to go to Pizza Hut/Nandos etc
13/14 is an age where you're too young to go out OUT but an age where you're actually starting to experiment with make up and fashion, so, when the opportunity arised to get dressed up you had to take it - this meant turning up to restaurants in your finest cropped caridan, shiny top and lots of lipgloss.

10. TyPiNg LiKe DiS
I don't know why this was ever a thing but I will put my hand up and admit my MSN display name was probably bEtH at some point.

11. Abbreviated text messages
Nowadays I cringe when people txt lyk dis but back in 06 this was the norm and it was far too much effort to care about grammar and spelling outside of the classroom.

12. Highlights
I don't mean the subtle, sun-kissed highlights I'd be happy to sport now but those chunky, stripy highlights you experimented with when you were finally allowed to get your hair coloured.
13. Kohl eyeliner
Nowadays it's all about the cat flick, usually perfected with liquid eyeliner but, in 2006, kohl eyeliner was the way to go. On your waterline and maybe even on your eyelid too to show just how rebellious you really were. Think Avril Lavigne, in Sk8er boi.

14. High School Musical
I can actually remember sitting on my sofa with my sister with Disney Channel on, waiting for this long anticipated movie to begin - and boy did it not disappoint. Cue, the next school day, everyone spending break times discussing it and singing along to 'Breaking Free' or 'We're All In This Together'.

15. Thumbs up/peace sign selfies
Nowadays it's all about the Kylie Jenner pout when it comes to a good selfie but, back then, our selfie games weren't all that and sticking your thumb up or posing with a peace sign for your MySpace profile pic somehow made you look instantly awesome.

16. Taking photos of your groups feet from above
Okay this is a weird one but I can remember it was a bit of a thing for your group of friends to stand in a circle and take a photo of everyone's feet from, like, a cool above angle. Even cooler if you all had different coloured converse on. Then put it on myspace, obv.

17. Thin, over-plucked eyebrows
So, nowadays, it's all about having those big Cara Delevigne brows but, back then, bushy brows were a no-go and super thin, plucked eyebrows were the way forward. Now that is one trend I hope will stay in 2006.

18.  Flip phones/slider phones
Remember when iPhones didn't actually exist? Me neither, really but what I do remember is that a basic handheld phone wasn't enough back then and it was far cooler to have a handset that flipped or slid up.

19. Chunky waist belts
Those stretchy chunky belts you put on for no apparent reason at all. Not cos your clothing was too baggy or needed holding up - just to look cool and add a bit of style to a plain vest top and leggings.

20. Cascada
The queen of cheesy dance music from Everytime We Touch to Bad Boy. The perfect playlist addition for any teen party.

What was cool when you were 13?

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