Friday, 24 April 2015

The Beauty Sins I'm Guilty Of

As someone who used to work on a beauty counter and reads a huge amount of beauty blogs, I feel like I've had the do's and don'ts of a good beauty regime constantly drilled into me. However the lazy girl in me is still seriously guilty of committing many beauty sins that the likes of Caroline Hiron would shoot me for...

1) I rarely wash my make up brushes
This has got to be like the number 1 beauty sin, right? Dirty make up brushes are so vile - I know this - yet I can still go weeks on end without washing them whilst using them daily and spreading all that grime around my face. And I wonder why I get spots...

2) I pop my spots
Speaking of spots... I know everyone says you should leave your spots alone as popping them will only make them redder and brighter BUT I just can't help it when a huge yellow headed beast refuses to leave my face. It's gross and half of the time I'm left with a bloody, scabby mess but, sometimes, concealer just will not cover up those bad boys and I feel like I have to take matters into my own hands.

3) I almost never exfoliate
I literally never exfoliate. Maybe once in every two months if I'm lucky. When I worked at Clinique, their golden rule was 'cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise' but despite always doing the first and the third, I always miss out the exfoliation part (which probably explains why my foundation often clings to all those pesky, flaky bits.)

4) I pick my split ends
I'm literally obsessed with finding split ends and can actually keep myself busy for a good hour finding and pulling them out. I've even been known to be like 'that's a good one!' when I find a hair that's got loads of ends coming off it and kind of looks like a tree (even though it's not good it just means my hair is in seriously shit condition.)

5) I use 'out of date' make up
I often forget that most make up has an expiry date and because I'm constantly chopping and changing what I use, it means that many of my products are actually way past their sell by date. You wouldn't eat a mouldy apple so why are you putting dried up mascara on your lashes? Something I definitely need to take more note of!
The only 'sin' I can truthfully say I never commit is using face wipes as my skin just feels awful if I don't properly clean it! 

Are you guilty of any of these beauty sins or any others I may have forgotten? Let me know!

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