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Although I've been lucky enough to go on a foreign holiday pretty much every year, I've never been someone who pays too much thought to travel. Recently, though, I've been itching to just hop on a plane and get exploring. I've become obsessed with travel blogs and have a sudden urge to actually see the world. Maybe I'm just getting old and having a quarter life crisis? Here are some of the places I'd love to tick off my travel bucket list...

My boyfriend and I are actually planning on going travelling around South East Asia for a few months some time in the future and those are the countries we'd be visiting. It's a pretty popular route for backpackers as there's such beautiful landscapes on offer and so many sights to see and you can just hop on buses/trains to get from one place to another - not to mention that the accommodation and food is dirt cheap. 

New York City
NYC has been at the top of my must visit list since I can remember. I blame Friends and Gossip Girl. I just want to chill on the met steps and pretend I'm Blair Waldorf, drink lots of coffee, shop til I drop in Macys & Selfridges and, of course, take a million selfies on top of the Empire State Building. Yes, it's touristy and busy but I know that I'd just love it there and would probably never want to leave.

Sorrento, Italy
When I was younger I wanted to go to Italy purely because of the pizza and pasta and not much has changed to be honest. There's so many places in Italy I'd love to explore but there's just something about Sorrento that stands out to me. The cliff top location, narrow alleyways, fragrant lemon gardens and beautiful beaches mixed in with the vibe of a cosmopolitan city make Sorrento a must-visit for me. 

Santorini, Greece
My last two holidays were in the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kos and I fell in love with them, so, I can only imagine how much I'd love Santorini as many people say it's the nicest of them all, thanks to it's cliff top views and pretty picturesque buildings. I love how the hotels are built into the cliffs so you're almost guaranteed to have a room with a view, too.

Bora Bora
If I won the lottery tonight, this is where I'd be heading to first. Bora Bora just encapsulates ultimate luxury, for me. It's definitely postcard pretty with it's emerald blue seas, bright white sands and over water bungalows that mean you can literally step out of bed and dip your toes straight in the sparkling sea. I know where I'd rather be right now...

Ahh, Australia. Every time I see someone who I went to school with, or vaguely knew, pack up their lives and move to the other side of the world, I'm filled with envy. Australia just seems so much more appealing than England. It's still familiar territory because everyone speaks English yet it's warmer, more attractive and just seems so much more relaxed. Plus they have kangaroos. It's a win, win situation really.

I'm sure I'll think of many more places I'd love to visit as soon as I hit publish but these were just the ones that seemed to really stand out for me!

What's on your travel bucket list?
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