Tuesday, 14 April 2015

What To Do When Bloggers Block Strikes

Okay so I'm actually writing this post for my own benefit as I've got a serious case of bloggers block at the moment and just cannot think what to write about. So I'm going to write about not having anything to write about. Genius, huh? If anyone else is in the same boat then hopefully this post will help get your creative juices flowing again...
I'm sure every blogger or writer/journalist/creative goes through this stage from time to time when your mind just has a complete blank or you have an idea but when you try to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) the words just don't come out right. This is me at the moment.

When I first started blogging in November I literally had so many ideas of things I wanted to blog about and could have posted every day given the chance. Now, not so much. I'm just not feeling very inspired so I'm basically going to use this post as a bit of a brainstorm, for myself, and list the things I (attempt to) do when bloggers block strikes...

1) Take some time out
I usually post 3 times a week but last week I only posted twice and I'll probably do the same this week as I just wanted some time to come up with some new ideas and take some half decent photos. I definitely think it's better to post nothing than it is to post something that's forced and isn't your best. Maybe your readers won't notice but you will and, if you're anything like me, it will annoy you every time you look at post you just weren't all that pleased with.

2) Write stuff down
I love to actually put pen to paper and write ideas down when it comes to thinking of blog posts as I find it almost impossible to just come up with something whilst staring at a computer screen. I often have random thoughts whilst in the shower or before I fall asleep of things that I could blog about and then I'll forget about them half an hour later if I don't physically record them somewhere. This could help in the future as you may have jotted an idea down a couple of weeks ago and never acted on it but, now, when you're lacking in ideas that random thought could actually come in handy. 

3) Take inspiration from others
Okay so there's a fine line between being inspired by others and actually copying others, sometimes, but due to the sheer amount of blogs out there it's clear that people are going to produce similar posts very often. For example, how many posts have you already read about bloggers block? I'm hardly Miss Originality on this one. Have a browse through some of your favourite blogs or the popular posts on Bloglovin - it's bound to give you some ideas. Just make sure that you put your own spin on it or credit the person if you're going to do something really similar. (Eg. I recently saw this blogger post about their top drugstore purchases which reminded me how many different high street products I've been loving at the moment... )

4) Browse through your old posts
As well as having a look at other bloggers content, refresh your memory of your own. Did you post about something a couple of months ago that you update your readers on - such as new years resolutions or a target you set yourself? Could you do a part 2 of a previous post that was quite popular? For example I did a post about girl problems and, after getting really good feedback from it, did a part 2 post which ended up being even more popular than the first one! 

5) Reach out to your readers
I've never done this myself but I've noticed a lot of others do it and I'm presuming it could be helpful to just take to Twitter and ask readers and/or fellow bloggers what they'd like to see from you. Maybe you won't get anything from it, but maybe you will. It's surely worth a try.

6) Hit social media/read the news
See what's trending, see what people are talking about, see what's in the news. This could end up leading to you having all sorts of opinions that you just need to get out into a long, ranty blog post. For example, I've noticed a lot of posts kicking around recently about the importance of voting as the election is constantly in the headlines and is something on a lot of people's minds at the moment so is definitely a kind of post that would be well read. Alternatively, something in the news, like the election, might end up triggering something in your mind that's loosely related and relevant to you such as 'living on a student budget' or 'how to deal with unemployment.'

7) Go for a walk and clear your head
Put your phone down, turn off all electronics and get out in the open. Going for a walk always helps clear my head of worries and stresses which also often leads to me coming up with new ideas. So make sure to bring a little notebook and pen to jot down anything that might spring to mind if you can't trust yourself to remember a mental note.

8) Think outside the box
Perhaps your a beauty blogger but you just can't for the life in you think of anything beauty-related to post - there's no harm in thinking of something entirely different to post. Don't limit yourself. If something comes to mind that might be a bit different your usual content but it's something you're passionate about and you think your readers might enjoy it then don't be afraid to hit publish!

9) Write what you're thinking
Even if it doesn't seem to have any coherence or order, just open a new blog post and start typing what you're thinking. Let it all out. You can edit it later and even if you don't end up posting this can often be really refreshing and a great way to clear your mind.

10) If all else fails, do a wishlist
If you really want to post something but have a major case of cba, then do a wishlist. I haven't actually done one in a while so I'm defo due one soon but who doesn't love a wishlist? Minimum writing is required and it's an excuse to browse your favourite online shops, save photos of the things you like and whack them into a neatly arranged collage. Warning: it'll probably end with you wanting to buy everything on it.

I hope you've found this helpful! What do you do when bloggers block strikes?

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