Sunday, 31 May 2015

16 Make Up Problems

I have a definite love/hate relationship with make up. Obviously I love it because well, duh. But then, other times, I'm like, wouldn't it be great if I could just not spend all my money, time and effort on attempting to make my face look better? Here's just some problems that our loyal friend causes...

1) Firstly, is it make up, make-up or makeup? Seriously, I don't even think the shops that sell it know - Boots sell make-up whereas Debenhams sell make up. Make your mind up guys.
2) When foundations come without a pump so you end up pouring out too little or too much and then 
have to resort to shoving a cotton bud in to get the remaining dregs out. Even worse when you've spent £30 on said foundation (I'm looking at you Sheer Glow...)
3) The actual effort that goes into trying to get eyeliner to match on both eyes.
4) Sneezing just after applying mascara.
5) The sheer pain of smashing a bronzer/powder/blusher into pieces.
6) Being matched to a foundation 3 shades darker and not realising until you've got home, ripped off the seal, opened it and used some.
7) First attempt at contouring - expectations: I'll have supermodel cheekbones, reality: I look like I have 2 streaks of mud on my face.
8) Thinking you look effing awesome whilst applying make up at 7am in the morning when the lighting ain't great then catching a glimpse of yourself a few hours later in actual daylight. Must. 
9) Spending all your time on one eyebrow then having about 20 seconds left to do the other one.
10) Chapped lips and matte lipstick.
11) No matter how careful you are, foundation stains will appear on the neckline of a white top. It's inevitable.
12) Being asked if you're ill or just really tired on the day you decide to go bare-faced. Cheers guys.
13) Being lured into the claims that a foundation can actually last for 12 hours plus without having to top it up. Let's get serious, shall we?
14) Realising you have a full face of make up on as you get into bed. Wanting to leave it on but not wanting your skin to hate you in the morning. Oh, the decisions.
15) Feeling exceptionally smug when you're having a good make up day. Probably excessively snapchatting and Instagramming it because everyone needs to appreciate your face right now.
16) When people ask: "Don't you have enough make up?" Erm, is that possible?

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Can you relate to any of these? Are there any major make up probs I've forgotten? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh my God, I can actually relate myself to all makeup problems you mentioned! Especially number 15, haha :D

  2. This was S O accurate ahahha!! Made my lunch break at work enjoyable for once haha!:) going to continue my break reading your blog, thanks for sharing!!


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