Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Motivational iPhone Backgrounds/Wallpapers

Now I've actually started to get the hang of Pinterest, I've been pinning away like there's no tomorrow and quotes are one of my fave things to pin. I love a good motivational quote and I've started to use them for my phone lock screen so, whenever I'm in a bit of a shitty mood, I can just turn to my iPhone screen for a good old kick up the arse. Here are some of my favourites with links for you guys to save them for yourself...

(From left to right)

Top row: 1) Live Simply, Dream Big 2) When You Love What You Have, You Have Everything You Need  3) Life Is Short, Live It

Middle row: 4) Get It Girl  5) I Never Dreamed About Success, I Worked For It  6) Be Happy And Positive

Bottom row: 7) Don't Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today  8) Go The Extra Mile, It's Never Crowded  9) There Are So Many Reasons To Be Happy

If accessing on your phone, just click on the links then, once in Pinterest, click on the three little dots and then press save to camera roll - easy peasy!

All images found on Pinterest.

Which do you like best? What's your favourite motivational quote?

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