Thursday, 21 May 2015

What To Do When You're Stressed Out

We've all been in situations that make us seriously stressed out; revising for looming exams, preparing for an upcoming interview or simply trying to do too many things at once. Sometimes it feels like the only way forward is to pull your hair out, overdose on caffeine and wonder when this nightmare will end. Instead, here's some ideas on how to try and chill out when you're stressing like there's no tomorrow...

1) Make a list of everything you need to do
When you've got a million and one things to do and have each one of them circling around your mind, it can sometimes make you feel like it's impossible to get them all done. Obvs it's not. So grab a pen and paper (or the notes section on your phone if you prefer) and make a list of everything you need to do. This way you can transfer all those thoughts that are swirling around your brain onto paper and can physically see exactly what needs to be done. Then you can begin to prioritise what needs to be done first and feel like the queen of organisation when you start ticking shit off that list.

2) Take ten minutes out
Take some time out to just put your feet up, read a magazine or book and have a cuppa. Although you might have lots to do, taking a break will help clear your mind and might even lead you to have a fresh outlook on things and come up with new ideas.

3) Reward yourself
Tell yourself that once you've done a certain amount of work, you can treat yourself to something. Whether it's a new lipstick, a domino's or the promise of a night out, knowing you've got something at the back of your mind to look forward to will help give you that much-needed motivation.

4) Have a bath
The ultimate de-stresser. Relaxing in a warm bath with lots of bubbles, candles and a magazine, until your skin starts to resemble a prune, is bound to chill you out.

5) Create a relaxing playlist
Make a playlist of chilled out songs to listen to when it's all getting a bit too much. James Bay's dreamy voice is a good start.

6) Exercise
Even if it's just a few stretches in your living room, or a quick walk to the shop, exercise stimulates endorphins (or so I've heard) which helps reduce stress almost instantaneously.

7) Have a change of scenery
If you've been in the same place, stressing for hours on end, you're bound to go a bit cray cray. If you're revising or preparing for a work presentation, go to a coffee shop and do your work there instead. Or if you're at work/school try go somewhere different on your lunch break to mix things up a bit.

8) Talk to someone
When you're so stressed out that you genuinely start to believe that no-one else in the world has ever been this stressed out, talking to someone will help put things into perspective. Whether it's in person, over the phone or just online, speaking to someone else about everyday stuff will help you get back in the real world and remind you there is a life outside of your bubble of stress.

9) Eat right
When I'm stressed out it's so tempting to just eat all the crap food I can find. But it's clearly better to eat foods that will help you recharge and give you the energy to get shit done. Rather than lying on the sofa in your PJ's, unable to move, with a food baby. Green tea, smoothie's and yoghurt and granola are usually my go-to snacks when I'm stressing and need something to fill me up but still give me a burst of energy.

10) Remember that you won't be stressed forever
Exams will end, the interview will come and go, your deadline will be met. Remember that you won't feel like this forever and imagine just how good you'll feel when everything you've been stressing over finally comes to an end.

What do you do to help deal with stress?

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