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10 Ways To Utilise Twitter For Blogging

Twitter is probably my favourite social media site, when it comes to blogging, as it's a site I've used for years and a great chunk of my traffic comes from there. I wish I was one of those bloggers who was really good with Instagram or Pinterest but, unfortunately, perfectly positioned, pretty photos just aren't my forte. Twitter, however, is much more up my street. So here are just a few ways I utilise Twitter for my blog that hopefully might help you too...

Firstly, I know I banged on about blogging advice annoying me sometimes here, so soz if I come across a bit of a hypocrite - but I feel like this is more of a handy tips post rather than telling you what to do.
I'm by no means an expert at this, by the way. I don't have a huge Twitter following but it does bring me lots of additional blog traffic so I just thought I'd share a few handy tips and tricks with y'all... 

1) Schedule tweets
Okay, so let's get the obvious outta the way first. I'm sure most bloggers are familiar with this concept but, incase you're not, scheduling tweets is a thing. I use Hootsuite but I know a lot of bloggers swear by Tweetdeck.  Literally all you do is think of what you want to tweet and set a date and time for it to go live at. I usually like a blog link to be tweeted about 5/6 times a day so scheduling them is perfect for when you're too busy at work or out for the day.
2) Tweet your blog link often - but mix it up a bit!
So some people are a bit funny about 'spamming' your blog link a lot on Twitter. But, the way I see it, is that Twitter is refreshed constantly so, chances are, people won't even notice you've tweeted your link a few times. I tend to tweet a link 5/6 times a day but I make sure that it's not just the same tweet. So instead of just tweeting 'check out my blog guyzzzz' 5 times a day, I'll post a link to different posts, or perhaps my bloglovin link instead. Or if I really want to promote a certain post I will just rephrase the tweet.
3) Pick the best times to tweet
You want people to see your tweet so it's good to think about times when they're likely to get the most exposure. Now, there is always going to be people active on Twitter at any point of the day so there isn't really a bad time but there are definitely times you can utilise. For example, people will be commuting or eating breakfast between 7-9am so tweeting a link then is good. One between 12-1pm will mean those lunchtime browsers see your link and one in the evening, around 6-8pm, means everyone who's finished work and is having a bit of a social media catch up will spot you too.
4) Don't forget to schedule some tweets whilst you sleep!
This is something I forget to do a lot but, on the days I do it, I always get loads more traffic. Because, guess what? The whole world isn't on UK time! Have a look at where some of your traffic comes and places like America and Australia will probably rank highly - with America being hours behind and Australia hours ahead of the UK, it makes sense to tweet some links for when overseas viewers will be active online.

5) Try and make your tweets a bit inventive
I want to try and get a bit better at this cos sometimes I'm just lazy and do the classic 'You can follow me on bloglovin here...' but I've noticed that the tweets that get more hits always tend to be the ones that I've put a little more thought into. For example, yesterday I tweeted: "So they may not have told us who A is yet, but here's 12 things PLL taught us..." with a link to this post about Pretty Little Liars.

6) Add a picture to your tweet
This article on adweek is an interesting read as it's all about how tweets with photos have more engagement than those without. It makes sense really as photos are much more likely to catch your eye as you're scrolling through hundreds of tweets. So if you're tweeting about your latest blog post, just include a photo that supports it too. Easy peasy!

7) Make the most of retweet accounts
My faves being @FemaleBloggerRT and @BloggingGals. These are massive accounts now so they get inundated with tweets constantly and can't promise to RT every single tweet but it's always worth a shot. A retweet from them means exposure to a huge audience and potential new readers.

8) Join chats!
I'd like to join chats more but sometimes I just want to kick back with Netflix on an evening, soz. But joining in chats is a great way to find new bloggers and there's always a chance to share your link at the end. Just don't be one of those annoying people who don't actually participate in the chat and then spam every single person with your link (or, worse, send them your link a day after the chat ended.)

9) #hashtags
I often think hashtags are a bit lame and old fashioned for personal tweets but, when it comes to blogging, they're really useful. Just adding a #bbloggers or #lbloggers means you might catch the attention of scrolling through these hashtags. I've also had PR's contact me before who've found me from scouring hashtags. True story.

10) Still tweet non-blogging stuff
Again, I'm quite bad at this as I can't really tweet throughout the day so most of my pointless  personal tweets come on an evening - expect general thoughts, opinions and moans. It just means your followers get to see a bit of personality!

I hope you found this helpful! Have you got any tips for utilising Twitter for blogging?

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