Monday, 22 June 2015

15 Things I've Learned Since Graduating

Graduation season will soon be upon us and I seriously cannot believe it's been a year since I finished university and just under a year since I donned the black gown and hat myself! With this in mind, I thought I'd do a little list of the things I've learnt since graduating...

1) It's okay to still not have a fucking clue what you want to do with your life. 
2) You probably won't find your 'dream job' straight away.
3) And you'll probably change your mind about what this 'dream job' is multiple times.
4) Getting up early doesn't get any easier. Even if you allow yourself 10 snoozes.
5) Holidays are precious. Use them wisely. You get about as much time off in an entire year as you did in just one Easter break - let that sink in.
6) Facebook suddenly becomes a much more boring place. No more photos of peoples mid-week night out shenanigans because suddenly everyone works and photos of your hot chocolate aren't quite as wild as a table of pre-drinks.
7) Full time hours suck and you'll miss those days where you only had one lecture and could spend the rest of the day in bed.
8) Don't compare yourself to others. Some people will graduate and land straight on your feet whilst others will have to work a lot harder for it. It's not a competition.
9) Hangovers become much more severe. Like, how did I cope going out almost every night in freshers week? How?
10) You don't have much free time (well, you will if you don't get a job straight away, obvs) because once you're working full time, that's it. Because getting home from work and getting straight into my pyjamas is far more appealing than going out and socialising, soz.
11) Reading for pleasure is an actual thing, who knew? Now you don't have any set literature that you HAVE to read, you won't guilty for kicking back with a nice little chick-lit that you don't have to analyse the shit out of.
12) Now you're no longer in education and have entered the 'real world', family members now expect you to have your entire life planned out and ask lots of questions. Bitch, please it's hard enough deciding what colour to paint my nails.
13) Remember how you could rock up to lectures with wet hair? Yeah you can't really do that for work. Unless maybe if you're a life guard.
14) Adjusting to a life without student discount is hard. 
15) But there are still some kind souls out there who will happily share their discount with you (and it's totally cool to go scavenging on social media for an NUS code because clothes are expensive, okay!)

If you're a graduate, what have you learned since graduating?

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