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Holiday Memories

I love holidays and days out. Whether it's flying somewhere sunny for a few weeks or just spending the day somewhere in the UK - it's just great to get away from the routine of everyday life every now and again and spend time with your nearest and dearest. So when asked me to share some of my favourite holiday memories with my loved ones, how could I say no?

If I was picking between all the holidays/days out I've ever been on, then we could have been here all day. But I thought I'd narrow it down to the past 6 years since a lot of my photos before this were taken on disposable cameras (oh, how times have changed!) I absolutely love reminiscing on old holiday photos and can't wait to take plenty more in Ibiza in a couple of weeks. Here are some of my favourite holiday memories from the past 6 years...
(From left to right)

The first photo is me and one my one of my best friends Abby looking incredibly happy about being at our first ever festival aged 16 - Leeds Fest 09. We went into school to get our GCSE results that day and a few hours later we were pitching up our tent!

Fast forward 2 years and we're in Lanzarote for mine and my boyfriend's first ever holiday together, n'aww. We've since been on 4 more foreign holidays together and will be going on our next one in 3 weeks time. How time flies!

Next up is my parents and I enjoying a meal and drinks in a restaurant before going to see Mamma Mia the musical in London's West End. This is the last holiday/break I went on with my parents and sisters since I've now moved out but I'd love to do a trip like this again!
Still in London and it's my sisters and I in St James' Park. We went for my youngest sister Caitlin's birthday and picked a seriously sunny couple of days to visit. The funniest part of the trip was probably the look on my face when I was charged £8 in M&M world for approximately 10 M&M's - daylight robbery!

The middle photo is taken in Rhodes, 2 years ago. Josh and I went for 2 weeks and stayed in the most gorgeous all inclusive hotel I've ever been to. This picture was taken on our last night as it took us 14 days to actually venture a little further than the swimming pool and all you can eat buffet to discover the most stunning little mountain-top walkway that overlooked the sparkling sea below. They were some seriously breathtaking views.

My 21st last year was spent in Paris. My boyfriend and I decided to go pretty last minute and I'm so glad we did. The city really is so beautiful and there's just so much to see (like the Eiffel tower of course.)

Obviously we just HAD to put a lock on the famous love lock bridge (which won't be there for much longer *sob*) I remember getting a bit sassy as the ONE thing I asked Josh to bring with us on the trip was a padlock and, unsurprisingly, he forgot so we ended up having to buy one from a nearby stall for 10 euros. And I thought the M&M's were a rip off!

Then we have my old work friends and I proving that orange really is the new black in super sexy ponchos as we picked the rainiest day possible to go to Flamingo Land last year. I left my part time job, which I'd had for 5 years, last August when I entered the world of full time work and I seriously miss these girls so much.

And last but not least is Josh and I looking like tits dressed up as pirates on a boat trip in Kos, last year. We explored 3 different Greek islands and, as we were heading back to shore, the captain insisted on playing the Pirates of the Carribean theme tune and making everyone dress up and pose with props for cheesy couple shots.

What are your favourite holiday memories?!

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