Thursday, 4 June 2015

How To Get Motivated When You CBA

I feel like people don't say CBA (as in 'can't be arsed' - yes I'm guna be that patronising bitch that tells you what it means cos y'know SOMEONE might not know) as much anymore and I don't know why because, personally, I love it. It's such a short but sweet response to sum up exactly how I feel 90% of the time. So how do you snap out of lazy, CBA mode when you need to get motivated and get shit done?
You know the feeling. You've got an exam in the morning that, like, you kind of have to pass and must spend the night revising for, yet you still find yourself browsing through the past year of Kylie Jenner's instagram snaps cos you CBA. Then the panic sets in and you're like; shiiiiiiiit I'm guna fail, my life's over, excuse me whilst I cry into a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Yep. So here's what to do when you're in one of those lazy gal slumps and need to snap out of it pronto...

1) Have a goal in mind
What do you need to get motivated for? Is it the promise of a new job? Or passing an exam so you can get into a particular university? Whatever it may be, if there's no end goal in sight (even if it seems really out of sight, right now) it'll be hard to get yourself into the mind frame of actually wanting to get motivated if it feels like you're doing it for no particular reason.

2) Block out any distractions and force yourself to concentrate
What is it that distracts you? For me, it's usually the internet (ie. refreshing Twitter & Instagram every 10 seconds) so if I need to get something done then I'll hide my phone, or disconnect from the internet if I'm on my laptop, and force myself to concentrate on whatever it is I'm working on.

3) Be harsh on yourself
Sometimes it's not good to criticise yourself but there can be times when you need to remind yourself to pull it together. There's no worse feeling than knowing you could have succeeded if you'd just tried a little harder, so, make yourself try. Can you honestly admit to yourself that you've put 100% effort in and couldn't possibly do anything more? If the answers no then you know what to do. Future you will definitely thank you at some point.

4) Take it one step at a time
Know what needs to be done but just don't know where to start? Take it slow. Make a plan. And work through each thing, step by step, rather than getting into a huge panic over the massive list of things you haven't even made a start on yet. As they say: the secret to getting ahead is simply getting started.

5) Allocate some lazy down time
Don't jump straight into something if your minds not in it. Take 10 minutes to just relax and be lazy; having a cuppa, scrolling through instagram, or phoning a friend and then get your shit together. 

6) Remember that (almost) anything is possible
*Lame cliche alert* Soz about that. But a lot of the time, my reason for not wanting to try is purely because I think "I can't do it". But, most of the time, it probably is possible to achieve whatever it is we want to, it's just a case of telling yourself you can and needing a large slice of motivation to help with that!

7) Treat yo'self
I swear I use this point in pretty much all my advice list type posts (any excuse to throw my money away, right!?) but I always think it helps me to stay on track when I've got something to bribe myself with. Eg. you can buy a new lipstick if you write up 5 blog posts or do 3 hours of revision for that dreaded maths exam. Cos if self satisfaction ain't enough then new make up always is AM I RIGHT!?

How do you get motivated when you can't be arsed?

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  1. Love this post, I find it so hard to stay focused, I'll honestly find myself getting distracted by the most silly things as well haha, trying to improve that one!


  2. I love this! I try to motivate myself by making small progress, then that motivates me more! It's a chain reaction :)

    Kim .. 50 shades of BLUE!

  3. Love it! Definitely what I need right now, my mock is coming up in 2-3 weeks and I really need to start revising.

    Amy ||


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