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St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Tanning Lotion Review

I think every man and his dog has been after this badboy since it's release a couple of weeks ago and I don't blame them. Self tan - in the shower? It's genius. Here's what I thought of the latest St Tropez product to hit the market...
I'm not entirely sure how I managed to acquire a tube of the St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower 
Tanning Lotion before it's release date but I did and I was well excited. I think it was through Marie Claire. I'm signed up to their newsletter and very occasionally they send an email about a new beauty release and you just fill in your details and they'll pick so many to send one to. Basically like a competition. It wasn't a PR sample but I always think it's nice to disclose when you haven't paid for something as obvs it can sway your thoughts.
Anyways, this little beauty from St Tropez arrived at the perfect time. With my holiday fast approaching (5 weeks 2 days and counting) my pasty bod needs ALL the colour it can get before I get it out for the world to see in Ibiza, eek. 
Despite being the palest of the pale, I really dislike fake tan. I just can't be arsed with it, basically. Anything that involves shaving, exfoliation and a level of attention is just a no-go for me. But gradual tan is something I can get along with. It's just like moisturising with a bitta colour and how wrong can you go with something that's gradual right?
To use; you simply shower like normal, rub a few dollops of this in all over, wait for 3 minutes, then wash off. SIMPLES. I have to say, I don't particularly enjoy standing out of the warm shower and freezing my ass off whilst counting down the 180 seconds it takes to sink in but you can't have everything I guess...
First off, I was really impressed by how this smells. It's a gorgeous fruity, summery scent with no whiff of that classic biscuity fake tan smell whatsoever. It rubs in really easily too - just like a moisturiser - and comes out a yellow-y colour.
I've been using this for about 2 weeks now and I'm impressed. It's given me a very subtle tan all over with no streaks. The colour isn't really noticeable but I definitely feel like it's given my ghost like complexion a bit of a glow and I'm cool with that. I was going to do a before and after shot but the colour really is so natural that it's not mega noticeable when photographed. My boyfriend said "you don't look as white" though, when asked his opinion, so surely that's a good sign?
Would I buy again? Probably. The price tag is a bit hefty compared to other gradual tans (£14.50) but I do think the simplicity of it's application and the lack of streaks has won me over. Plus it's the nicest smelling tan product I've ever used. I also don't think you need to use a lot to cover your whole body. I use the amount shown on the photo above x 2 as it does foam up a little since your body is wet. I'm not even half way through after 2 weeks of usage, every day. I haven't tried using it on my face yet as I've finally got rid of a breakout and don't want to risk triggering another one so I use it everywhere but there! It's also worth noting, I've noticed no nasty stains on my towels either - which is always a bonus.

Have you or will you be trying this out? Let me know in the comments below!

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