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Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Blogger

Since starting blogging back in December, I feel like it's kinda changed aspects of my life in a way (as lame as that sounds.) Eg. before I started blogging, if I woke up and it was really sunny, I would just think "oh it's sunny" whereas, now, I'm like "OHMYGOD NATURAL LIGHTING - time to take blog photos." So I thought I'd compile a little list of all those things that only us blogger types will understand (either that or it's just me that's turned into a crazy perfectionist who is obsessed with white surfaces, coffee and MAC lipsticks...)

1) The importance of natural lighting
Well I know I've already mentioned it but I can't not include natural lighting and the joy it brings us bloggers. When I first started blogging, I took photos inside at around 10pm with the flash on. Big mistake. Huge. Now, I point blank refuse to use any photos that haven't been taken in natural lighting as it just makes them look soo much better.

2) The beauty of white surfaces
Whether it's marbled, distressed wood or just a simple plain bed sheet, you can't beat a white surface for blog photos. They look clean, bright and just generally make me so happy, as sad as that may be.

3) The joy and pain white bed sheets cause
As mentioned above, a white surface is always a good shout so having white bed sheets is a sure fire way to ensure you always have a crisp, white back drop for all those spontaneous insta shots. However, if like me, you're Instagram is filled with photos of tea and coffee, you'll understand the battle I face in attempting to rest said coffee/tea on my white bed sheets, without it falling over and ruining my bedding, whilst I attempt to photograph it. It's a hard life.

4) The need to photograph pretty much every tea/coffee/iced drink you consume
I don't know why I need to photograph pretty much every Starbucks I order and every decent looking cup of coffee/tea I make but I just do. I really do. And I don't think I'm alone as I can guarantee every time I get my morning Instagram fix, I'm bound to see a shot of someone's morning coffee (probably balancing precariously on their uber white bed sheets captioned with 'needed'.)

5) Photographing the perfect flat lay is harder than it looks
Flay lays are a blogger fave at the moment, aren't they? For anyone out of the loop, that's basically laying lots of different items out on a flat surface and photographing it from above. Coffee's usually involved somewhere. But ensuring every item is placed correctly (and the corners of your B&Q wood sample aren't on show to give away the fact you don't actually have a dreamy distressed wooden floor) is much harder than it looks. Like, seriously. You'll probably have a camera roll full of flat lays that may look identical but only one will be just how you like it. 

6) You will check Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest etc constantly
Okay so this one probably isn't exclusively to bloggers as who isn't obsessed with social nowadays? But, if you're like me, then Twitter and Instagram will be like your morning newspaper and you'll get as many fixes as you can throughout the day to keep up with the big wide world of blogging. 

7) Your blog becomes a justification for treating yo'self
It's completely okay to buy that 10th red lipstick because you'll blog about it at some point, right?

8) Explaining what blogging is to those that have no idea
There seems to be two ends to the spectrum for this one. There's those that say 'what's a blog?' and then there's those that have only heard of the likes of Zoella and wonder if you, too, are making a living out of it and been asked to appear on the Great British Bake Off (I wish.)

9) Emails can either be really exciting or make you want to tear your hair out in utter despair
Because sometimes you'll have a seriously exciting email land in your inbox that makes you feel super happy and grateful for the opportunities blogging can lead to and then sometimes you'll get one asking you to write a post about baseball caps - and the reward? You MIGHT get your tweet favourited. Yep.

10) Having to wait to use your new make up until you've photographed it
Oh, the willpower. Because there's just something beautiful about a photo of brand spanking new make up that hasn't even been used yet. isn't there?
11) Buying things purely for 'blogging props'
Such as fake flowers, Paperchase postcards and marble adhesive. I want my photos to look professional and pinterest-worthy, OKAY.

12) Finding it insanely exciting/bizarre that people actually want to read your shit
Whether you have 10 followers, 1000 or 10,000 - the fact even one person wants to read what I have to say is actually still pretty amazing, to me.

Let me know any other things I've missed in the comments below! :)

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  1. I have to agree with every single one of those!
    xx, Sophie


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