Friday, 3 July 2015

10 Ways To Spend Me Time

I'm kind of on the fence about 'me time' because, most of the time, I actually really hate being on my own as I'm so needy. However, I do think that if, like me, you're someone who rarely does get time to themselves - it's nice to make the most of it when the opportunity does arise. Here's a few ways to spend that ever so precious 'me time'...

1) Get lost in a book or magazine
I really love reading but I basically forget to do it half of the time because I end up just wasting my time on social media instead. Plus it's hard to read if other people are around so the perfect time to get engrossed in a good novel or have a flick through Cosmo is when I'm alone.
2) Sing really loud
C'mon, we all do it right? I especially like to do this in the shower. Because, in my head, I'm the next Beyonce - and there's no one around to tell me otherwise.
3) Go shopping
Because although it's nice to have someone with you to stop you spending all the moneys and prevent you buying a dress you'll later return, it's also nice to be able to spend an hour deciding which nail polish shade you want, without having someone pestering you to hurry up.
4) Try out some new make up looks
I have sooo much untouched make up in my dressing table drawer that's just screaming to be played with. Working full time in an office means I just do the bare minimum with my face on a daily basis so it's nice, if I have a bit of free time, to spend a good half an hour attempting to get the perfect cat flick (and get some decent selfies out of the opportunity obvs.)
5) Have a looooong bath
With all the bubbles, all the candles and maybe a cheeky beverage and a copy of Vogue too. Living the dream.
6) Have a pamper sesh
It is 'me' time after all so what better way to spend it than treating yo'self with a face mask, hair mask, nail painting sesh - the full works.
7) Watch a really old cheesy film
Like Lizzie McGuire. Or Mary-Kate & Ashley: Holiday in the sun. There's no-one to judge or moan about your choice of film so go wild. 
8) Watch trashy reality TV
You can't go wrong with a bitta Jezza or, if you're lucky enough to have MTV, then stick on some Teen Mom. God I miss that show.
9) Blog!
I feel like I'm at my most creative when there's no-one around to distract me so, when I'm on my own, I like to plan and write my blog posts and amaze myself as the ideas just pour right out (ha, who am I kidding?
10) Bake
Often it's hard to get the chance to bake a batch of cupcakes or a beasty chocolate cake if you share a kitchen with friends, family or your partner so, when I have the flat to myself, I like to whip up some treats in the kitchen and not worry about the splatter of cake batter that may or may not end up on the wall in the process...

How do you like to spend me time?

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