Tuesday, 7 July 2015

12 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

I've definitely been getting a bit list happy on here lately, soz, but these posts just seem to come really easily to me and I think people enjoy reading them. Today I thought I'd talk about some of the things blogging has taught me from the silly to the serious...
1) How to balance tea/coffee on white bed sheets for the perfect 'Sunday morning' instagram shot. Not gunna lie, it's risky business.

2) Natural lighting is a gift from god - make the most of it.
3) Not to undervalue yourself. There's few things in life that you're in total control of and, guess what, your blog is one of them! You started this space and you can choose what you do with it. Don't let someone talk you into promoting their crap content in return for a retweet.
4) There's some really, really nice people on the internet that make you go n'awww and feel all happy and stuff.
5) And there might be the odd bad egg kicking around on there too but just don't let it get to you.
6) 'Freebies' aren't really freebies. Well, I guess they are if you're Zoella or whatevs but, most likely, if a company asks to send you something - it's because they want a review in return. Seriously consider if receiving a product that's worth a couple of pounds and you're not really interested in is worth the time and effort it takes to put into a blog post. 
7) Social media is MASSIVE. Obviously I've always known that social media is BIG but it wasn't until I started blogging that I realised just how big it is. The fact that people can apparently get paid thousands for just one photo on Instagram seriously blows my mind.
8) Nothing comes from comparing yourself to others. It's very easy to become envious of people's lives on the internet who you've never even met. But just remember that people only post what they want you to see - an edited version of their lives.
9) It's good to have a break from the internet. Blogging isn't just something you do 9-5 and then switch off from. It's very easy to become obsessed with refreshing Twitter, Instagram etc so it's good to just get away from it all every now and again.
10) You might have days where you feel like 'what's the point?'. I did a post all about feeling down about blogging not too long ago where I admitted that, at times, the obsession with stats, followers and comparing yourself to others can make me feel a bit crappy. But, like with anything in life, it's okay to feel like this, sometimes.
11) What started out as a random little hobby on the internet can soon become a big part of your life. 
12) And it seriously makes me question what the fuck I did with my free time before?!

If you're a blogger, what has blogging taught you?

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