Sunday, 12 July 2015

22 Thoughts Girls Have Whilst Packing For A Holiday

I've been a bit of a last minute Larry with the old holiday packing this year and have left it until the night before I go away to actually make a start. And being the top procrastinator I am, I've decided to sit down and list all the thoughts I have whilst packing instead of actually, y'know, packing...

1) Okay so I'm going away for 7 nights. That means at least one outfit per day and one outfit per night right?
2) Although I'll also need some back up outfits in case I change my mind
3) But maybe 30 outfits is a bit irrational?
4) Okay I won't take that playsuit - I already have 5 
5) But it's just so pretty and I won't get a chance to wear it in England
6) Maybe I'll just sneak some of this stuff in my boyfriends case. He doesn't need to take as much as me.
7) Ooh I forgot about that dress. Now I defo need to pack that.
8) I've actually got quite a lot of clothes haven't I?
9) Might try some of this stuff on and do a little fashion show for myself
10) Now I'm just surrounded by clothes that actually need to go in this suitcase at some point...
11) Let's just start with the bikinis and then add in the bigger clothes
12) FFS only half of it will fit
13) I'll just stand on top of everything for a minute or so to flatten it all down
14) I've given up with order, let's just cram it all in.
15) Have I definitely got enough stuff? Should I go last minute shopping?
16) Now what shall I wear for the airport? I need comfy but cool
17) Oh fab I think I've packed my airport outfit.
18) This suitcase is a mess. A bit like my life lols.
19) Will it weight less than 20kg? *Googles how much is 20kg*
20) 20 bags of sugar? Nah there's no way a bit of clothing will weight that much. It's all good.
21) I deserve a break after this, seriously.
22) Shit - where is my passport?!

Any other thoughts I've missed out? Let me know in the comments below!
(P.S. I'm actually on holiday at the moment so will reply to everything when I get back)

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