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A Week In Ibiza; Exploring Ibiza Old Town & More

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you've probably noticed I've been in Ibiza for the past week since I haven't stopped banging on about it - sorry about that. I'm suffering from a serious case of holiday blues right now so thought I'd put a post together of some of my favourite snaps from my week away...

Es Cana, Ibiza
When most people think of Ibiza, an image of sweaty (overpriced) nightclubs, sun, sand and not much else probably springs to mind. I won't lie, most of the week was spent making the most of the breakfast buffet, lazing by the beach, going on pedalos in the sea and attempting (and failing) to get a tan. But clubbing was definitely not on the agenda as we stayed in the lovely but quiet resort of Es Cana and most of our evenings were spent sat on a cliff top, overlooking the sea, as the waves splashed our feet. Bliss.
Santa Eulalia Harbour, Ibiza

Frap from Santa Eulalia
We also managed to do a bit of exploring and jumped on a ferry to nearby town Santa Eulalia, where I had the dreamiest frap - which may rival Starbucks - and got serious envy over all the beautiful yachts docked at the harbour. We wanted to do a river tour but got a bit lost so ended up walking around the shops, catching every bit of shade we could, looking like classic, confused tourists.
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
We definitely saved the best part of the holiday til last as we decided to hop on another ferry and explore Ibiza old town, within the island's capital, on our last day. The UNESCO heritage site, known as Dalt Vila to the Spanish (which translates as High Town) is home to over 2000 years of history. 
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
They weren't joking when they named it high town, either, as to get to the town's cathedral (Catedral de Evissa) and admire the views of the new town, you're faced with some seriously steep inclines and a hell of a lot of steps on the way. Trekking up the hill in 30 degree heat left me looking like a sweaty, hot mess. But the views when you get to the top are simply breathtaking.
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
But it's okay because there's so much to look at and lots of Instagram-worthy pics to be taken along the way. I just loved the white stone buildings and the many narrow, cobbled streets that seemed to appear with every twist and turn. 
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila

Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
It also amazed me that people actually live here too in the cutest little apartments (with pink walls and black balconies - living the Pinterest dream.)
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
The cathedral is beautiful and so worth the walk up the hill (even in the sweaty, hot 30+ degree heat!) but I didn't want to take too many pictures whilst inside. You can sit and pray, light a candle for a loved one or just admire the exquisite architecture and intricate gothic-style decorations that adorn the walls and windows. It's more of a be-there moment than one which can be summed up in a photo, I guess.
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
We made our way back down old town and re-entered new town. It's crazy how such a modern town; which has a harbour filled with some of the biggest yachts I've ever seen, shops dotted on every corner and traffic lights that have a walking green man (!?) is also home to so much history.
Exploring Ibiza Old Town / Dalt Vila
Pizza in Ibiza Town
Before getting the ferry back we stopped for a bite to eat and had some of the nicest pizza I've ever eaten. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was just so tasty and fresh and didn't have all that grease that often comes with a Domino's. The cafe was called Divino's and it's right on the harbour front so check it out if you get the chance!

Okay so I'm gonna end this post now before I go and book another holiday with all that money I definitely don't have...

Have you visited Ibiza before or would you like to?

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