Thursday, 16 July 2015

How To Make Mornings More Bearable

I hate mornings. Well, I don't hate mornings if something good is happening - like I'm getting up to go on holiday or something - but those standard run of the mill mornings where all there's to look forward to is a day at work? Yep, those mornings are hard. Lately I've been trying to get better at mornings because I really do think how you spend the morning can have an impact on the rest of your day. So here's some tips to try and make those early starts a little less painful...

1) Set your alarm half an hour before you need to get up
This is something I've started doing in the past few months and it really has helped. Think about what time you actually need to get up to get shit done. For me, that's about 7am as I can get ready and eat my breakfast in about 40 minutes. Then set your alarm half an hour before that and use that half an hour to fully 'come round' - ie. sit and think about how tired you are for 30 minutes whilst aimlessly scrolling through Instagram. Before, I was basically getting ready in a daze because I hadn't given my body the time to properly wake up so, by waking up that bit earlier, it means I feel a bit more refreshed when I do actually step out of bed and start the day.

2) Let in the light
This is actually pretty impossible during winter, in England, for us 9-5'ers who basically don't see the light of day for a good few months. But, in summer? There's no excuse! Opening your blinds and letting the light in will remind you that it's not sleepy time any more and it's time to seize the day. I always feel a bit guilty being in bed when it's light outside, too so the light sort of tricks your mind into actually wanting to get up.

3) Wash your face straight away
I always wash my face as soon as I wake up as I just find it really refreshing and it makes me feel much more 'awake'. I sometimes splash on a quick blast of cold water too if I'm feeling a bit daring.

4) Have a nice breakfast to look forward to
I'm obsessed with breakfast foods and I don't understand people who skip it. Like, how is your stomach not screaming to be fed first thing on a morning? Usually I just have a smoothie, yoghurt or weetabix on a morning which, although I like them all, aren't exactly exciting. So, some days, I'll give myself a little extra time to make something like scrambled eggs on toast that I really like and it'll make me feel like I have something to get up for. (I'm making my life sound incredibly sad right now aren't I?)

5) Prepare breakfast the night before
Alternatively, if you know you want a bit of extra time in the morning, don't cut out breakfast altogether - just prepare it the night before! Something like overnight oats is always a good shout as it's really tasty and will fill you for hours.

6) Exercise
I very rarely do this but, on the days I do get up and do a bit of exercise, I always feel much more ready for the day ahead. Even if it's just a few squats in the living room!

Are you a morning person? If so, what are your tips for making them more bearable?

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