Sunday, 26 July 2015

What I Wore On Holiday

Did you know I went on holiday last week? OF COURSE YOU DID since I haven't shut up about it. Anyways, fashion posts are rare over here because, well, I don't really wear anything exciting on a daily basis. But being on holiday was a fab excuse to dress up every night and force my boyfriend into taking photos of me in a variety of locations. Here's some of my fave outfits from my week away - that pretty much all seem to be from New Look which is good for the old bank balance...

Top - here // Skirt - here
See, I promise I did get a slight tan because, look, STRAPLINES! This outfit is basically a throwback to 2002 really isn't it? Featuring a 'gypsy' top and button down denim skirt. I bloody love this skirt and I wore it approximately 3 nights out of 7 in Ibiza, yep. 
Playsuit - similar // Shoes - similar
Jesus christ, could I get any paler? You wouldn't think I'd been sunbathing in 30 degree heat for like 4 days previous to this photo would you? If you can take a minute to divert your attention away from my ghost like skin then you will see I'm wearing a super dreamy playsuit from New Look. Can you believe this only cost £8.99!? The only con to this outfit, however, was that the playsuit was ridiculously hard to get on and off so if you need a wee then good luck with that. Unfortunately, it's sold out so I've popped a link to a similar one in the widget at the bottom of the post. The black gladiator sandals are from H&M, circa 2012, and are the comfiest sandals I have ever owned. Similar ones linked below.
Top - here // Shorts - here // Sandals - similar
Apologies for the crappy iPhone camera quality of this pic. Another New Look ensemble and both the top and shorts were sale buys! I love how slouchy this cream wrap top is and I like how it can be dressed up for a night out or would look super sophisticated in the office too. I certainly got my wear out of these shorts, too, which were sooo comfy and perfect for lounging around in the beach in - but still sassy enough to wear on a night. The white sandals, which I have literally worn non-stop since I got them, are by George at Asda* but are sadly sold out - although I've included a link to some from Evans below which are slightly similar, but with a bit of silver added, and I might like them even more than the originals...


What do you think of my outfit choices?

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