Thursday, 13 August 2015

14 Reasons I'm Crap At Being An Adult

So I've officially been an adult for 4 years now. Wow, that's scary. And, to be honest, there's plenty of times that I still think I'm a teenager. People will ask me my age and I'll still think I'm 18 but - nope - I am 22. When I was younger, I envisioned adult me strolling around the city in business wear, sipping lattes, drinking white wine on an evening and just generally having my shit together. Whilst I was defo right about the latte obsession, the rest - not so much. Here's 15 reasons why I'm a bit of a crap adult (complete with gif's obvs...) 

1) I snooze my alarm more now than I did when I was at school and I still can't accept early starts 5 days a week.
2) I get more excited about PLL than I do my own life.

3) I regularly drop my phone on my face whilst texting/stalking people on Instagram.

4) I still just shove all colours in to the wash together and hope for the best.

5) I've still not established how many vodka and cokes is too much .

6) And hangovers are still the devil. Infact, I think I could cope with them better when I was 16.

7) I'm obsessed with Kylie Jenner and she's 18. EIGHTEEN.

8) I can't parallel park, I can't reverse park. I can't park.

9) I avoid roundabouts, the motorway - basically any drive that involves making scary decisions and 
driving further than 10 miles away from my home.

10) I regularly text/call my Mum & Dad with all important life questions like whether or not I need to cook smoked salmon. 

11) After all these years, I've still not learned that if you put sunglasses with those annoying nose pieces or whatever the fuck they're called on the top of your head, you will pull half of your hair out with them.

12) When I'm in a supermarket and a Mum says to a young child "ooh watch out for that lady", I'm like: 'Lady?' 'Who?' 'Me?' 

13) There will always be too much month at the end of the money.

14) I question what I'm doing with my life approximately 12 times a day.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Now I want to know, are you crap at being an adult?
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