Sunday, 2 August 2015

Favourite Face Masks

I do love a good face mask. I don't know why, but there's just something beautiful about getting into your pyjamas after a long day and relaxing for 10 minutes with a layer of cream/gloop all over your face, isn't there? Here are three of my favourite masks...

Lush Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask | £5.50
One for... Oily/spot prone skin.
I LOVE this face mask. Like, seriously - Lush did good. If I'm going through a spotty spell with my skin, I know I can rely on this bad boy to help me out. I'll pop a layer on for a good ten minutes, wash off, and my skin always feels much softer and my blemishes less angry, by the morning. This looks and feels like what I'd call a traditional face mask. As it's really thick, green and grainy. It's definitely not the most glamorous of the bunch but it works and that's all good for me. I also really love the peppermint smell it has, mhmmm.

Clarins HydraQuench Mask | £34 (for full size)
One for... Dehydrated skin
Despite my love for this dreamy mask, I've never actually taken the plunge and bought this face mask before - because I just always seem to get samples of it free with other Clarins purchases. Clarins are AWESOME at gifts with purchases, if you didn't already know. So if you're ever planning a Clarins splurge, try and wait until they're on gift (which is pretty often - it'll vary between different stores so Boots might have it for a few weeks, then John Lewis, then House of Fraser etc) because it is so worth it. Anyway, back to the mask. I like to use this when my skin is feeling dehydrated. I very rarely get dry skin but there are times when I'll notice my face just feels a bit tighter and, perhaps, less oilier than usual so I'll use HydraQuench to try and fix that. 
Despite being called a mask, it doesn't really look or feel like one as it just comes out like a thick cream so you need to use quite a generous amount, really, to ensure you're getting a nice even layer over your entire face. I think I can normally get about 4-5 applications out of these sample sizes. I also sometimes mix this into my night moisturiser and leave on overnight, especially during the winter months, when my skin is feeling a bit uncomfortable. It pumps hydration back into my skin and I always feel like my make up sits much better on the morning after I've used it.
Asarii Vanilla Pod Mud Mask* | £21.99 
One for... When you want to smell like heaven.
Okay, so I'm not entirely sure of the benefits of this one. I'd say it's more of a pampering face mask than anything as it does leave your skin feeling really soft, smooth and exfoliated - due to the grains in it - but I don't find that it targets one particular problem. But, my god, does it smell good. Honestly? You'll probs want to lick it off your face (if that was possible). Asarii say you can get around 10 applications from this pot and I'd definitely agree as it's huge. What's great about this mask is that it's made out of all natural ingredients so despite having quite a strong scent - it shouldn't irritate your skin. I love to use this on a Sunday night when I'm having a little pamper sesh and it just leaves my skin feeling seriously smooth afterwards. 

What are your favourite face masks?
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