Sunday, 16 August 2015

Home Office Inspiration

I've become absolutely obsessed with Pinterest recently and, in particular, home inspiration. Whilst having a late night Pinterest sesh, I decided that I absolutely NEEDED a home office (a.k.a a desk in my spare room) so bought a desk from Ikea yesterday and set up my own mini office. I feel so profesh. It's nowhere near ready enough to show you so, instead, I'll show you where I'll be getting my inspiration from...
I've decided I definitely want a print wall like this one. I live in a rented flat so can't really put nails in the walls but I recently heard about these hanging strips that stick frames to the wall and don't leave a residue. So, yay, my print wall dreams can come true. 
I spent hours browsing through wall prints on Etsy last night and I just adore this lady's shop. Her prints only cost £1.81 each and they're seriously beauts. I can't wait to order some. These were my faves...
Pineapple // Happily Ever After // Feathers
Source // Source
The table I've bought is pretty similar to these two (espesh the one on the right.) It's an Ikea Linnmon table top with Lerberg trestle legs. I absolutely love it and it only cost £23. It's just a really minimal desk so I think it's all down to how you style it. 
Source // Source
Fresh flowers are obviously going to have to make an appearance! 
This is just absolute #goals really isn't it? I doubt my little corner will be able to look as light and airy as this but I love the whole monochrome feel. I'm on the hunt for a black/white chair like this so let me know if you know where I can find one.
So my mission for the next few weeks is to try and make my office space as Pinterest-worthy as poss. I'll be sharing pictures once it's all ready!

How would you style a home office?

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