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My New Favourite Base That Won't Break The Bank

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream
Well, hello there. I feel like I haven't blogged about beauty in ages and, the main reason for this, is because I am one broke gal. I don't know if I've really mentioned this on here before but, last year, I worked for a beauty counter for about 9 months and got some seriously shit hot discount - so I basically bought EVERYTHING high end. But when the job ended and the discount stopped, I realised I had to start looking for cheaper alternatives unless I wanted to live off beans on toast for the rest of my days. Enter Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream; my new favourite base. It's about a third of the price of my previous favourite and, do you know what? I honestly think it may be better...

Now, I must admit, the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream was most definitely a blogger enabled purchase. I'd seen it kicking around on quite a lot of people's monthly faves and budget bases sorta posts and thought ooh, go on then...

I wasn't expecting much. In all honestly, I haven't bought a 'drugstore' base since I was about 16. Lol, who do I think I am, right? But the only reason for this was because I just felt like high-end worked better. I don't know why though because I made my fair share of wrong foundation choices along the way; I went through tube after tube of MAC studio sculpt before realising that it was the complete wrong colour, I discovered the full coverage queen that is Estee Lauder Double Wear before deciding that I wanted my face to actually breathe, and then I fell in love with Lancome Teint Miracle which is what I did wear religiously for about 2 years. But then I decided - enough is enough. There HAS to be something out there that doesn't cost me £30 a go and still meets my picky needs of good coverage but not too thick, dewy but not glowy, mops up oil but doesn't look matte. Ya get the gist. I'm a fussy bugger.

So, yeah, I popped into Boots and came out with this badboy (and 2 more Bourjois products and a free pair of sunglasses) - praise the lord for 3 for 2 and free gift with purchase, right?

First off, don't be fooled by the whole CC cream claim. I would still class this as a foundation. It's probably light-medium coverage but can be easily worked up to medium to give a decent amount of coverage. But it feels really light, like you'd expect from a CC cream.

The texture is thin. You can end up pouring out way too much if you're not careful and it does seem to come out really quickly which is annoying. I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to blend this in and think it works really well. I can't imagine this would work with finger application at all as the consistency is just far too runny. 

Colour wise, not gunna lie, it's a bit shit. There are only 3 shades and, whilst Ivory is the lightest, it's far too dark for my ghost-like complexion. Luckily, I'm sporting a very slight tan at the moment (for me) from my week in Ibiza, so I think I can pull it off. But, as the tan fades, I'm worried I'll be sporting the old 'face darker than neck' look so I might have to look into mixing it with something a bit lighter. 

Finish wise, I'd say this gives a dewy, yet not shiny, look. My favourite kind. Basically, I just think it looks really natural yet it still colour corrects (obvs, it is a CC cream), conceals small blemishes and just gives a really fresh, 'your skin but better' finish. You do need a concealer with it to get rid of big spots, though. On the picture below, I'm just wearing the CC cream to show you the exact finish and there are a few sneaky spots on my forehead peaking through which I would turn to a higher coverage concealer to get rid of.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Ivory
Overall, I'm more than impressed with this little gem from Bourjois and I will 100% be repurchasing when I run out. So far, I've had it for a month and am still going strong despite daily use. At £9.99 (and pretty much always on some kind of offer), I think this is seriously good value for a base that does it's job. Soz, Lancome but I think I've found a new fave that my face AND my bank account can get along with...
Shop the look...
(CC Cream shade: Ivory, Lipstick shade: Runway Coral, Eyebrow shade: Awe, Blush shade: Warm Soul)
Have you tried this? What's your fave budget base? Let me know in the comments below!

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