Thursday, 3 September 2015

10 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

Admittedly, by younger I basically mean like, y'know, 16. But although 6 years doesn't seem like a lot, in the grand scheme of things, I feel like there's still so many things I'd love to tell my 16 year old self, now that I'm a 22 year old wise owl. So here goes...

1) It doesn't matter about having loads of friends - just a few really good ones
I was never somebody who really cared about being 'popular' at high school but I still liked to have a lot of people I could call friends. But, it's only as you get older, that you realise these big friendship groups aren't compulsory. It's actually a lot better to have a few really good friends who you know will always have your back no matter what. I'm only really in touch with 1 girl from high school and another from sixth form but both of them are my best friends who I know I'll be friends with for years to come.

2) People aren't joking when they say school days are the best days of your life...
I know this won't be true for everyone as some people, unfortunately, have a bad time at school. But looking back, I realise that I bloody loved school. 6 hour days and 13 weeks worth of holidays? Erm, yes please. I miss being able to have lunchtime catch ups with friends everyday because you were all in the same location, having lunch at the same time. I miss fun lessons like P.E that you didn't really have to try in because you weren't taking it at GCSE. I miss getting all sassy over having to put my hair up in PE because I DIDN'T WANT A KINK. Those were the days.

3) It's not wise to pre drink a bottle of vodka before going out
16 was that age where everyone really started to dabble with drink because, omg, you were two years under the age limit and you were so badass. Nope, not badass. STUPID. Me and my friends were all about that YOLO life, back then, and enjoyed nothing more than downing cheap voddy and coke before going out so we were completely pissed before the partay even began. All I'll say is that this will probs result in you been sick a LOT, losing your possessions and, potentially, been thrown out of the nightclub because you are such a drunken embarrassment, cringe.

4) Appreciate your parents
Now that I'm older I can fully appreciate everything my parents have done, and still do, for me. But when I was a moody teenager there was often times that I didn't realise just how much they do and it makes me sad to think of the times I might have been a complete bitch to them for no reason.

5) Put down the dream matte mousse
No but, seriously, WHY was dream matte mousse so popular with teenagers back in't day? If you haven't had the joy of experiencing this 'foundation', it's essentially a thick, cakey mousse that us impressionable teenagers put all over our faces to cover up, like, one spot. Stick with the light-medium coverage, girl - your skin will thank you!

6) Don't worry about not having a 'life plan'
Oh god I don't even have a life plan now, at 22, let alone as a 16 year old! But I can remember, in year 11, completely shitting myself over what A-Levels to pick, what uni course to do and what to do with my entire life, basically. I now realise that no-one really knows what they're doing as so many things can change the course of our life that it can be sometimes easier to just go with it, as cheesy as that sounds.

7) Don't moan about your new part time job - you will end up LOVING it
I got my first part time job when I was 16, at Boots, and I can remember been so annoyed that I had to work all weekend and go to sixth form during the week. Like, when am I supposed to sleep? I actually ended up keeping this job right through until graduation and I absolutely loved it. I met some of the best people there, developed my obsession for make up and skincare and got to fully experience the 'working world' whilst studying - something I don't think school/uni prepares you for at all.

8) Don't dye your hair yourself
You'll regret it and will spend years of trying to rectify those brassy blonde bits, damn you 'Nice n Easy' home dye. Some people boss the whole home hair dying situation but I am just not one of those people. For me, it's best left to the professionals!

9) Make the most of free rent, food, bills etc
Although you think living at home is crap and can't wait to get your own place, you'll soon find out that paying for yourself ain't so fun. Rent is expensive. Bills are expensive. Food is expensive. Ah, life.

10) Make the most of being young!
This is such a cliched saying but 'don't wish your time away' and all that. It's really true. When I was 16, I remember wanting to be older so I could drink (legally), drive, go to clubs etc but you don't really anticipate all the boring things that come with being old too like, y'know, bills, car insurance and just general adult responsibilities. Make the most of being young and free because adulthood is hard, man.

What would you tell your younger self?

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