Thursday, 24 September 2015

18 Reasons Why Autumn Is Awesome

It's official: Autumn is here. Although, to be honest, it basically felt like Summer ended weeks ago (or like we never really had one!) Overall, I really like Autumn. I mean, there are shit bits like having to defrost the car, piling on the pounds because I can't say no to whipped cream on my PSL and an increase in the old electricity bill. But then there's the good bits that make Autumn pretty awesome, which I thought I'd share with you today. Apologies for the super cliched photo, by the way. I wanted one of pretty, brown fallen leaves and all that jazz but, since we're not quite at that stage of the season yet, you'll have to make do with an Autumnal Starbucks cup instead...

1. Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back. And the countdown to the Christmas drinks begins too. (Will they bring back Toffee Nut!?) Because who cares if a drink has 400 calories in it when it tastes like pure heaven, right?
2. Ankle boots and socks can be worn daily again. Yay for no more sweaty feet in flimsy ballet pumps.
3. The countdown to Christmas. I know it's not even October yet but if shops are already starting to roll their Xmas stock out then, y'know, it's acceptable to start getting excited.
4. Merryteasers go on sale. My fave chocolate-y treat in the whole world. And, just FYI, they are already available in the Co-op.
5. Chocolate, in general, seriously ups it's game in preparation for Christmas. Like, you can just nip into your corner shop and buy yourself a tub of Celebrations if you fancy it.
6. You can basically avoid shaving your legs until at least, like, March. 
7. Big scarves can make an appearance again and you can basically wear whatever the fuck you want and cover it up with a scarf. NO-ONE WILL KNOW. 
8. It's about the right kind of temperature to start eating soup again...
9. And it's definitely cold enough to drink hot chocolate every night.
10. X Factor live shows start. Although I moan about it every year and claim "I'LL NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN" when my fave gets kicked off, I still do. 
11. Thick, baggy jumpers and leggings become my go to outfit and I love it. So easy, so cosy and the perfect outfit for when you're cradling a food baby.
12. Takeaways. I mean, yeah, you can eat them all year round but there's no summer holiday to get 'bikini ready' for anymore so screw the salad's, Dominos - I'm comin' for ya.
13. Evenings get darker quicker meaning it's perfectly acceptable to be in your pyjamas from 5pm onwards because it's basically night time.
14. "It's too dark" is also a great excuse for avoiding things like: staying late at work, going to the gym or going out when you just don't want to.
15. Extra Boots points. Usually from about mid-October onwards, Boots do loads of different points events on the run up to Xmas, like £10 worth of points when you spend £50. It's awesome. And it justifies you buying ALL the new make up, yep.
16. Your toenails don't need to be painted on a regular basis because bye bye sandals. Not gunna lie, I'm still sporting the same coral nail varnish from my holiday in July, oops. (Why is it that polish on toenails can withstand anything yet polish on fingernails chips as soon as you touch something!?)
17. Not having to sleep with a leg out.
18. Being able to use the excuse of 'Christmas shopping' every time you're actually just shopping for yourself.

Any other reasons why you think Autumn is awesome?

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