Thursday, 10 September 2015

A Few Blog Organisation Tips

I'm very hit and miss when it comes to blog organisation. Sometimes, I'm like "yes, lets make all the lists and schedule lots of posts" then, other times, I just type things as I go. To be honest, I prefer to be spontaneous usually as I often think I end up forcing posts when I try to think of them in advance. However, if you are wanting to get your arse into gear and be a bit more organised on the blogging front then here's a few tips which have helped me...

- Write ALL ideas down 
Whether it's physically writing things down on paper, or on the notes section on your phone, I always like to keep a record of any ideas that spring into my mind. Sometimes it might be a load of rubbish but there might be a point, in the future, where your stuck for ideas and that random idea you thought of on a Sunday morning will suddenly come in handy.

- Use a diary/blogging planner
I really like visualising my weekly/monthly schedule so a diary or a blogging planner (like the one in the picture above) can be really helpful. I actually made mine myself but you can buy them from Etsy for really cheap! 

- Consider scheduling posts & tweets
I rarely schedule posts, to be honest, as I prefer to just type as I think. But if you're someone who doesn't have much time to devote to blogging throughout the week, then getting everything typed up and scheduled on a weekend can be a lifesaver. As well as scheduling posts, it's also really easy to schedule tweets if you want to let your readers know about a new post - or you just want to promote your blog link throughout the day - but won't be actually at a computer. I use Hootsuite for this. I wrote a little bit more about optimising Twitter for blogging, if you're interested, here.

- Take photos in bulk
This is particularly useful as we head into Autumn and daylight becomes much more limited as it can be hard to take a nice, light, airy blog photo if it's dark when you leave the house and dark when you return. So I tend to try and take a ton of blog photos all at once, when the lighting is good, and I've got some free time. It can be tedious but you'll feel a lot better knowing you've got a library of photos waiting to be used!

- Have some generic images to hand
By this I mean photos that can be used for all kinds of posts. Ie. a flatlay of your desk which could be used for anything to do with blogging, organisation, planning etc. Or a picture of a coffee on your bed that could go alongside a post about relaxation or things to do in your spare time. I'm much more of a writer than a photographer so often find myself with a post written up and ready to go but with no image to go with it. That's where photos like this come in handy! 

Have you got any other tips for blog organisation or do you just prefer to go with it?

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