Friday, 11 September 2015

A Little Getaway In The Lakes

Ullswater Lake
Wahoo, it's Fri-yay! Although, this week has absolutely flown by for me because I've had a bit of time off before I start my placement on Monday. So, since I had a week free, Josh booked 3 days off too, and we decided to have a little UK getaway in the Lake District as we've been itching to have a mini holiday but didn't want to venture too far away...
Josh has been on at me to go camping for years but it's just not really my thing. Greasy hair, ants in my pants and a lack of cooked food just ain't my cuppa tea, sorry. So, as a compromise, we decided to go sort of 'glamping'. 
Camping Pod, Gill Head Farm, Lake District
We stayed in one of these cute lil wooden pods on Gill Head Farm, Troutbeck which definitely isn't 'glam' but it is an upgrade from a standard tent! The pod can fit about 3 people and comes with lighting, 2 electric sockets, a heater, a carpeted floor and a mattress. So it's hardly a stay at The Ritz but it's warm, dry and seriously cosy. I've only ever really camped properly at Leeds fest, back in 2009, and it just was not for me. I hate how cold, wet and generally uncomfortable tents can be but this wasn't a problem with the pod at all. They also have the bonus of electricity which meant we could charge our phones (first world problems, or what?) and bring a kettle meaning we could make coffee on a morning and eat pot noodles for dinner. Living the high life, right?
The camp site we stayed at had toilets and a shower too so there was no need to whip the old dry shampoo out and, as we were there outside of the school hols, there was barely anyone else there so we basically had the place to ourselves. 
We set off on Wednesday morning and got up uber early to avoid all the motorway traffic. Obviously we made a pit stop at Maccy D's for breakfast. It was about a 2 and a half hour drive to Troutbeck, where we were staying, but the drive becomes a lot less boring once you edge nearer to the Lake District as the views are absolutely gorgeous - there's just so much greenery and open space every where you look.
We spent Wednesday morning scaling Mount Skiddaw which, I think, is the 6th highest mountain in the UK. I definitely underestimated just how unfit I am as this killed me. It probably took us about 3 hours to get up and down it as we stopped almost every 20 minutes so I could sit down and moan about how much my legs were aching. I was really annoyed when we got to the top, too, as it was ridiculously cloudy so you couldn't see anything. I was all ready with my camera for some shit hot landscape pics but, nope, just clouds. Oh well. (I promise you I did get to the top even if I don't have the picture to prove it!)
We then went into Keswick town centre which is a cute little market town and I'm ashamed to say I headed straight to Costa when I should really have gone to a local cafe for a change. But, c'mon, I'd just climbed a mountain and was in urgent need of an iced soy vanilla latte and knew Costa wouldn't let a gal down.
We didn't really do much in the evening as we were knackered so just got cosy in the pod and watched some films. I was surprised at how warm and comfy I was, to be honest!
Ullswater Lake

On Thursday, we 'checked out' of our pod and spent the day walking around Ullswater Lake. It was so calm and peaceful, there, and literally felt like we were worlds away from home because of how tranquil and beautiful the setting is. It's rare for me to go on a holiday in the UK so I've never really appreciated just how beautiful the landscapes are in the Lake District. It made me realise that you don't necessarily have to hop on a plane to have a good getaway as there are some beautiful places only a couple of hours drive away. Although I guess it did help that we chose a sunny few days as it probs wouldn't have been so cute if it had been pissing it down, in true Britain style. 
Ullswater Lake

This photo basically sums up how I felt during our few days away - ridiculously content and carefree. I'd highly recommend a getaway in the Lake District if you're looking for a relaxing place to go in the UK and if, like me, you're not a fan of camping but want something a bit different from a hotel/B&B then wooden pods are the way to go! It was so nice to just shut off from everything and, since there was basically no wifi anywhere, have a social media free few days which is something I need to do far more often.
Have you ever been to the Lakes or stayed in a camping pod?
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