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What To Expect In Your First Few Weeks At University

Sooo, it's the last week of September and, probably, the first week of university for many people. Unless you're one of those lucky ones you doesn't even start until October! Or an unlucky one who started at the beginning of September. Either way, if anyone is heading into, or in the middle, of their first few weeks at uni - here's some of the things you can probs expect...

1. Freshers flu
This is not a myth. Because, surprisingly, drinking every night, wearing barely any clothing and only eating junk food doesn't actually bode very well for your immune system. Shocker, right? 

2. People will question your accent
Now this totally depends on where you're studying and where you're from. I'm from Yorkshire and went to a uni in Yorkshire so expected to be surrounded by plenty of other Yorkshire folk. WRONG. I was the only Northener in my halls during first year and constantly had to attempt to pronounce my words correctly so people would understand me. If you're a Northerner, in general, expect to have Southerners asking you why the fuck you're talking about eating tea instead of drinking it. 

3. People will also probably take the piss out of your accent
Following on from point 2, as well as constantly asking me why I said certain things like I did, people also liked to mimic my accent and generally take the piss out of it. It's all fun and games for the first week but then it just gets a bit, like, can you not?

4. You will get lost
Universities are literally HUGE. Mine had buildings everywhere. And none of them looked the same and one was even a church (?!) It's a good idea to try and meet with people before your lectures, if you can, so you don't end up strolling in late, on your own and having a lecture hall of 100 people staring at you as you struggle to find a spare seat. Awks.

5. There will be people EVERYWHERE
Honestly, I think what shocked me the most about my first few weeks at uni was just how many people there actually are in such a small area. If you live on a campus then you'll probably very rarely walk anywhere without passing someone. I actually really liked this feeling as, even at 1am in the morning, I felt like I could roam around campus and actually feel safe.

6. Uni will probably feel a lot more laidback than school
When you've been used to being at school (or college) pretty much all day, possibly having to wear a uniform and having to ring in every time you're off ill, uni will seem seriously laidback to you. You could probably skip your 9am lecture without anyone even realising and if you walk into your lecture 15 mins late clutching a Starbs the lecturer may give you a sigh of disapproval but they won't send 
you to the head for not being punctual. But, guess why this is guys? Because YOU'RE paying for it! No-one is forcing you to go to uni. You're the sucker getting yourself into thousands of debt for the experience so, y'know, you might wanna make a bit more effort, after all.

7. You'll probs think: "Uni is so easy!"
Because your first year basically doesn't count (you just have to pass it, for most courses) it can be easy to fall into a trap of thinking uni is seriously bloody easy. And, I guess, first year can be. But don't kid yourself into thinking the next few years will be. They won't! Unless you just want to scrape by, of course. I loved how chilled out first year felt but then ended up getting seriously stressed in the next two years when I realised that it wasn't a walk in the park at all.

8. You'll become best friends with people within a matter of minutes
Because nobody really knows anyone else, it's easy to strike up conversations with people you've just met and start new friendships within a matter of minutes. I was so worried, when I started uni, about being lonely but you've got to remember that pretty much everyone is in the same boat. It's not like starting a new job and being the only newbie - everyone is a newbie!

9. You might get homesick
Even though I came home at weekends, (I was only a short train ride away and kept my weekend job) I really missed home during the week and I wasn't expecting to, at all. A lot of other people I spoke to felt the same as me and some were really happy to be away from home so it totally depends, I guess. But don't feel embarrassed about missing home - it's totally natural, especially in your first few weeks. 

10. Feelings of: "I'm rich!" / "Help me, I'm poor."
When that big chunk of student loan hits your bank account for the first time you'll probs be like "ohmygoddd I'm so rich". But if, like me, your loan basically covers your rent and nothing more then that elation will turn to despair pretty quickly when you realise you'll probs have to live off beans and toasts for the next 3 years. The first few weeks of uni are likely to be expensive as you'll be doing your first big food shop, going out a lot and wanting to explore the area. For me, the first couple of weeks felt like a holiday and I spent waaay too much on nights out, meals out and taxis. But you're probably going to have 3 (or more) years of feeling like a pauper so you may aswell live it up in those first few weeks, right?

What were your first weeks of uni like?!

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