Thursday, 17 September 2015

When You're Too Busy To Blog...

Being too busy to blog is a problem I see people constantly talking about and it can be a real pain in the arse. When blogging isn't your job and is just a bit on the side, so to speak, it can't always take priority and - even if it is your job - sometimes life can just get in the way. I'm in a similar scenario myself, at the moment, so thought I'd throw together a couple of  things to do and what to remember when you find yourself just too damn busy to blog - but don't want to completely abandon your baby altogether...

Don't force it
It's important to remember, first of all, that there is just no point in forcing a blog post. It will just hurt your poor brain trying to come up with ideas and probably put you in a bit of a mood when you just can't seem to get it right. Plus it's quality, not quantity. I know I would rather read 2 good posts a week than one 'meh' post a day.

Remind people of your old posts
I think us bloggers often forget that, just because content isn't fresh and new, it doesn't mean that it can't be revisited. If you haven't got a new post to tell your readers about, then simply tweet about a post you did a while ago that you really liked. Chances are, you may have gained some new readers since then who've never even read that post in the first place. Or perhaps an old post is relevant to something current. Eg. throwing out a baking post every Wednesday when it's bake off day is MORE than acceptable!

Take photos of what you're doing
If you find yourself really busy but you're busy doing something actually fun then take photos of it for a future blog post! Perhaps you can't blog about your travels at the moment but, in a weeks time, when you're back and ready to write then your pictures will probably help the words flow a lot better.

A blog post doesn't have to be long!
If you do manage to find yourself with 20 minutes to kill then just sit down at your computer and see what you can come up with. Maybe it'll be something really shit that'll never see the light of day but maybe it'll end up being a short but snappy killer post that actually does really well. A blog post doesn't have to be filled with reams of writing and loads of photos - people like small snippets of info and sometimes a quick, but entertaining, list can be way more effective than a long rambling read. Ironically, I've found myself a bit too busy to blog at the moment and that's pretty much how this lil post was born...

Use social media instead
Let's be honest - there is always time to send a quick tweet or take a sneaky shot of your morning Starbs to upload to Insta, ain't there? Keeping active on social media can be done on the go and doesn't take anywhere near as much time and effort as maintaining your blog does but, as most of our social media accounts are linked to our blogs, it just means that people know you're still around! And if they do see a tweet from you they just might click on your profile and pop over to your blog. 

What do you do when you're too busy to blog?

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