Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Where To Get Blog Inspiration From

Ironically, I'm actually writing this post because I've been completely uninspired with blogging lately. I just could not, for the life in me, think of anything to write about for the past few weeks so decided I needed to get some inspo - pronto. So, I thought I'd share with you some of the places I turned to, in case any of you guys are going through a similar situation at the moment...

1. Bloglovin Explore
Whilst I do get a tad annoyed with the Bloglovin Explore pages, (I think they should do something so it's not always the same names in there!) I do find it a great source for blogging inspiration because it's packed with so many different blog posts. Obviously, I'm not telling you to go and copy someone else's post. But seeing what other people have blogged about can often trigger thoughts in my head for my own kind of blog post. Also, it reminds me how vast the world of blogging really is - you can literally write about anything! For example, I saw a post Lily Melrose wrote, about a month ago, about learning to like avocado and couldn't believe how random that idea was - yet immediately clicked on it because it was interesting and different.  

2. Magazines
I don't read magazines all that often anymore and, if I'm being totally honest, I use them more as a blogging prop more than anything! But, when I do get chance to flick through one, it usually gives me a few ideas on things to blog about from beauty to fashion to lifestyle.

3. Current affairs
If you blog about a specific topic - such as beauty - then this one might not be for you but, if you're someone who writes about basically anything, then just watching the news or reading up on current affairs can be a great starting point for broadening your mind a little. That being said, niche bloggers shouldn't completely rule this out as there could be something that's relevant to your area of expertise that's been featured in the news a lot - and your readers might be interested to hear your thoughts on it. Obviously, not everything in the news is going to take your fancy. Like, I wouldn't write about politics, because it's just not my thing. But something like body shaming, which has been getting a lot of news coverage recently, would be a lot more up my street.

4. My old blog posts
I sometimes get so caught up with wanting to create fresh, new content that I often forget to take a look back at some of my old posts for inspiration. There's so many posts I've written in the past that I could quite easily develop on. Like, for example, I wrote a post about starting a capsule wardrobe a couple of weeks ago so, at some point in the near future, I plan on doing a post about any additions to my capsule wardrobe to keep my readers updated.

5. Online shops
If I'm really stuck for ideas, I often go onto Topshop or ASOS and have a look at some of their 'new in' pieces and throw together a wishlist of clothes I'm lusting over at the moment. Warning: this can be dangerous for your bank account as an innocent 'browse' can quite easily turn into a bit of a splurge in a matter of minutes...

Where do you head when you're lacking blog inspiration?
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