Monday, 28 September 2015

Why We Should Embrace Change

I'm scared of change, terrified even - there, I said it. I like my routines, I like being in my 'comfort zone' and I just hate the thought of not knowing exactly whats around the corner. But I realised recently that, if you're not totally happy, then change is actually really necessary and there's no need to be scared of it at all. In fact, we should embrace it. Here's a few reasons why which, hopefully, might help anyone else out there who's contemplating making a change (however big or small) and needs a lil bit of reassurance...

It's only temporary
I'm going through a period of change at the moment and I hate it. I feel uneasy, stressed out and generally on edge most of the time but then I tell myself that this is only temporary. I've made changes in my life to better it in the long run. What feels like a huge 'change' right now will probably become the norm within a couple of months time. You can't just avoid changing something because of the temporary uneasiness or discomfort it may (or may not) cause. You gotta look at the bigger picture, girl.
You will always wonder if not...
Ergh, is there anything worse than not making a change and then constantly wondering what would have happened, or how life might have panned out, if you did just go for it? Nope. This is something I've been far too guilty of in the past and I often feel like I've missed out on so many opportunities because I was just waiting for them to come to me, rather than making a change and seeking them out myself. 
With change comes opportunity
Or so they say. I'd like to think this one is true. If it feels like there are no good opportunities coming your way at the moment then, perhaps, making a change will open up new doors. It might not happen overnight. Like, you can't just leave your job and expect a queue of potential employers to be falling at your feet. But, maybe, leaving that job will give you a chance to 'chase your dream' and that will eventually lead to bigger and better things.

Personal growth
This is probably the biggest 'benefit' of change for me. Because how are we supposed to grow, as people, without ever stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something different?
Self confidence
I think my lack of self confidence is often due to me not wanting to step out of my comfort zone and make a change. I often 'shy away' from change but if I force myself to embrace it, then I usually realise that I do have a lot more confidence than I first thought. I just need to be put in those situations where I have to use it.

I realise that it isn't all as black and white as this post might seem. A small change to one person could seem life-changing to another and it's not always that easy to 'just go for it'. But these are just a few things I like to tell myself when I'm having doubts over making a change and you all know I like my rambling life posts, don't ya?

Do you have any tips on embracing change?

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