Wednesday, 14 October 2015

12 More Reasons I'm Crap At Being An Adult

One of my most popular posts, to date, was 14 reasons why I'm crap at being an adult. I like to think it's because I'm not alone in this. That most of us are all just pretending to be grown ups, right? I've been hideously failing at adulting this past couple of weeks so thought a part 2 was well overdue. So, here's 12 more (couldn't quite think of 14 so maybe I'm not that bad) reasons I'm crap at being an adult (with gifs, of course)...

1) I may have a full fridge of food but will still order a takeaway because I've had a bad day and cooking/washing up afterwards is too much effort.

2) I've not accepted the length of a working day just yet. Can I go back to 9am til 3pm school days with playtimes and an hour lunch, please?

3) Booking my own doctors/hairdressers/dentists/any kind of appointment fills me with dread.

4) Phone calls in general make me feel a bit queasy. Like, can't my Mum call in sick for me?

5) Mean Girls lines still always seem appropriate. New person at work? "She doesn't even go here!" Someone got promoted in the office? "You go Glen Coco!" 

6) I genuinely feel incredibly proud of myself for cleaning. Like where's my well done and spending money?

7) I have full blown strops about things like my hair not going right and my eyeliner not been even.

8) I breathe a sigh of relief after driving around a roundabout successfully.

9) I get moody when I haven't been fed.

10) I have drawers/boxes allocated for 'crap' so I don't have to actually tidy stuff away neatly.

11) Purposely avoiding buying any kind of clothing that might crease so I never have to iron anything, ever.

12) The answer to every question related to what I'm doing with my life...

Any other reasons why you're crap at being an adult?

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