Monday, 12 October 2015

A Few Things I've Been Loving In Autumn So Far

I did a post not too long ago about 18 reasons why Autumn is awesome and although I've had days where I've been like "nope, I need the sun again" (like when you wake up at 7am and think it's about 4am cos it's that dark), Autumn's been pretty cool, so far. Here's a few things I've been loving about Autumn so far...

1. Baths and bath bombs
I'm definitely more of a shower gal than a bath gal but, since Autumn has hit, I've suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to go to Lush and buy all the bath bombs. I picked up a few Christmassy ones on my last trip and used Cinders for the first time on Sunday night and I LOVED it. It's got popping candy in it which makes a right noise but looks cool and it just smells all cinnamon-y and warm. The only downside, however, is that it's a yellow bath bomb and, once faded, it kinda looks like you've weed in the bath. Hmm.

2. Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes
I'm so sorry for my basic white girl-ness and I know some people will be like "seriously, girl stfu" but I just really love this drink, okay! I literally hate drinking hot drinks when it's warm so now it's started to get a bit chilly, I've been all over the this badboy. I'll be sad when it leaves the menu soon but then Christmas drinks will come out so I'll probs get over it pretty quick, actually.

3. Tights
I don't really like wearing skirts/dresses in Summer because I cba tanning my legs and don't wana blind people with my paleness but, when Autumn hits, you can pair them with tights and it's great. I've bought a couple of basic dresses and skirts recently and have been loving wearing them with plain black tights. It makes a change from my standard jeans and tee combo, anyway. 

4. X Factor six chair challenge
I've really been getting into the X Factor these past few weeks as it's been the six chair challenge and although its brutal AF, I think it's one of my fave parts of the show. I just love getting cosy with a takeaway on a Sunday night and shouting at the judges when I don't agree with who they put through/send home. 

5. Christmas gift sets hitting the shops
Like, yes, it's only October but I LOVE browsing the Xmas gift sets. Mainly because some of them are just such good value! Premium beauty ones are my favourites because you can usually get a full size product with a few little minis for the same price you'd pay for the product on it's own. This time of year is the best for treating yo'self!

6. Toasted fruit loaf
In Summer, I always crave cold breakfasts. Like smoothies, fruit or yoghurt and granola. But, come Autumn, I absolutely love warm breakfasts. Fruit loaf is my current go-to. It's just exactly what it sounds like. A loaf of bread with bits of fruit in it (my favourite is Warburtons orange). I have it toasted with butter. It actually makes me *kind of* look forward to the morning. 

7. Long pyjamas
One thing I HATE about Summer is feeling all sweaty on a night and having to sleep near naked with a leg out. Now it's so much cooler on a night, I can whack out the full length pyjamas and get all cosy. It's fabulous.

What have you been loving about Autumn so far?

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