Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Homesense Stationery Haul

Homesense Stationery
 Y'know when you were like 10 and spent pretty much all your pocket money on stationery (and maybe Pokemon cards and chewing gum, too)? Well, I feel like I've reverted back to that stage in my life - minus the Pokemon, obvs. That stage where I get ridiculously excited over new stationery - even though I very rarely actually put pen to paper. But, whatevs, it just looks so pretty! So I thought I'd share you with some of my latest buys from the God that is Homesense...

Homesense Stationery

Seriously, if you've never been to Homesense then you need to go. It's basically TK Maxx but just homey stuff. Plus loads of other random bits and bobs like stationery and fancy coffee and tea. I paid a visit, at the weekend, with my sisters and we spent a good hour trawling through the stationery section losing our shit every time we found something else we just had to buy. I was quite restrained and just settled on 4 items. Here's what I picked up...

Homesense Stationery

I've been on the hunt for a new notebook for a while, mainly to just jot down blogging ideas in. I found so many that I liked in Homesense but, eventually, I narrowed it down to this one as I really like the quote and the minimalist in me loves the light brown colour.

I also picked up this 'necessary notepad' which, as it doesn't have a cover, is more for just to do lists. I love the fonts on both of these and I'm pretty sure they'll be featuring on the old Instagram a laat in the upcoming months. The quote notebook was £4.99 and the notepad was £2.99.

Homesense Stationery

 I also just had to get these post it notes as I liked how the stripey one matches my notepad. I'm terrible at forgetting stuff so I'm gonna be sticking these all over, like there's no tomorrow, in a bid to get myself more organised. These came in a pack together for £1.99, bargain!

Homesense Stationery

Ah, lets just take a moment to admire these pencils shall we? I pretty much never use pencils but I just felt obliged to buy these. I have a pen pot on my desk that literally has a pair of scissors and a pen in it so I basically got these to fill it up a bit. I thought they were pretty good for £2.99 for the pack.

What do you think of my buys? Are you a stationery lover too?

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