Thursday, 8 October 2015

Instagram Accounts I'm Obsessed With

I love Instagram. I mean, who doesn't nowadays? There's just something seriously relaxing about aimlessly scrolling through random peoples photos (and trying not to like anything that's older than a few months), isn't there? Here are just a few of the accounts I'm seriously in awe of, at the moment, and like to stalk on a regular basis...

Oh gosh, I've loved Soph's blog and instagram for ages now so it was a complete no brainer, when deciding who to include in this post, that she would be right at the top of the list. Everything on her Insta feed is just so white, bright and perfectly positioned. And she's a fellow Starbucks lover. Honestly, go check it out. You won't regret it.
Another Starbucks obsessive is Carrie Brighton. If you're a coffee/tea/hot chocolate (any kind of warm drink) lover, then you will love Carrie's feed. I have always been a fan of her blog and Instagram but, recently, her photos just seem to encapsulate such a cosy, autumnal vibe. Scrolling through her feed always manages to put a smile on my face.
Katie's old Instagram was 'hugsieee' which I was an avid stalker of but, for some reason, Instagram deleted it. Social media is all fun and games until shit like that happens, right? But. not to worry. because her new Instagram is just as good. Think bright, white, clean images with a gorgeous sense of effortlessness. 
Aisling's Instagram is ridiculously on point, at the moment. I'm especially loving all her nature-y shots that make me want to actually get out my pyjamas and go exploring whenever I see them! She's a mega babe too so, word of warning, her selfies might give you a bit of green eyed envy.
I just had to include this Instagram account because, even though it basically takes the piss out of me and pretty much every blogger I follow, you can't not laugh at it. Socality Barbie posts the kind of photos that we all love to post; like your morning coffee, a shot of you from behind looking into the distance, the classic flatlay and, not forgetting, the ever popular 'fwis' (that means from where I stand if any of you are Instagram newbies). But as well as making me laugh, Socality Barbie also makes me realise that Instagram isn't real. So whenever I'm getting a bit of the old Insta envy, this feed will always bring me back to reality.

What are your fave Instagram accounts at the moment?

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