Sunday, 4 October 2015

Just Do You

Apologies for how cliche and cheesy the title of this blog post sounds - I mean, if I read a title like this, I'd probably just roll my eyes. But (of course there's a but) this isn't meant to be a cheesy post filled with lots of positive, inspirational quotes that'll make you want to vom your breakfast right up. It's just a little reminder for me - and anyone else reading - that we really should just be ourselves more often rather than trying to be something we're not or something we think other people might prefer...

This post has actually sprung from me attempting to film a YouTube video the other day. I attempted to do a sort of make up tutorial and, I won't beat around the bush here, it was shit. My eyebrows were uneven, my camera refused to focus on any product I tried to do a close up of and the lighting was horrendous. Now, I'm not telling you this in the hopes that people will say "oh I'm sure it wasn't that bad!", I'm basically telling you this because it served as a sort of epiphany for me.

I realised, after about 2 hours of attempting to film this 'tutorial', that I just wasn't comfortable doing something like this. I was only doing it because I thought "oh everyone else does make up tutorials on YouTube, so I should too" and that's just a bit ridiculous really ain't it? I might venture into the world of YouTube one day but, for now, I'm quite content just writing away on this little blog, maybe in my pyjamas, knowing that no-one can see how greasy my hair is or how bad my (lack of) make up might look.

This made me get all thoughtful and I think that when other people around you, who may be a bit different to yourself, appear to be really happy or successful - seemingly more so than you - it can lead you to doubt yourself. If you're not as 'happy' or 'successful' as them, is it because you're doing something wrong? Should you be more like them?

The answer, of course, is no. Like most of your parents probably told you on your first day of school: "just be yourself". And it really is true. Trying to be something you're not can be tiring and leave you feeling like a fraud. You'll constantly wonder if people actually like you - or what you're pretending to be.

I feel like, being a blogger, I find myself doubting myself a lot more than I used to. Probably because there are so many people, within this industry, being given amazing opportunities left, right and centre (deservedly so, for most) and you can often wonder why you're not too. Is it because you're not pretty enough? Is it because you're not bubbly enough? I mean, sometimes - lets be honest here - brands will have an ideal person in their head when choosing bloggers to work with and, if you don't fit that ideal, you basically won't stand a chance. It's not nice to admit - but it's true. But that's not to say there isn't a place for you, somewhere. And that goes for situations outside of blogging, too. If you feel like you have to act differently to fit in with a group of friends or to get a particular job or whatever - it's probably not going to be worth it in the long run.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't be afraid to just do you. Ie. don't feel like you have to be a beauty guru to fit in with the rest of the blogosphere. I can't do winged eyeliner and I'm completely okay with that. Don't feel like you have to go to university because everyone else is and people say you should. Don't feel like you should get drunk on a weekend because it's the 'cool' thing to do. Honestly, it's okay to admit you prefer staying in with Netflix and a hot choc on a Friday night, srsly. 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! What do you think? Do you ever find it hard to just do you?

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