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My Go To Autumnal MAC Eye Shades

Other than my Marc Jacobs watch, my most prized possession is definitely my MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette. Even though, admittedly, half of the shades rarely get used - it's just so pretty to look at. Y'know how it is - some people collect stamps, I collect eyeshadows. I've been wanting to share my completed palette on here for a while now as I finished it months ago but I'm still a bit unsure about some of the shades. So, instead, I thought I'd just show you my 'autumnal' shades (bet you're sick of hearing that word on blogs already, aren't you?)

I'm a huge fan of MAC eyeshadows and I think building a palette is such a good idea as you get to pick the exact shades you want. Rather than being stuck with some that you just feel a bit 'meh' about - which tends to be the case when buying a standard pre-prepared palette. That being said, it is a bit on the pricey side. First there's the cost of the palette, then the insert and then £10 for each eyeshadow pan. The fact that this palette is worth over £150 does make me feel a bit sick! If I'm being honest, though, I did actually buy most of the things for my palette back in my counter days - when I got quite a generous discount so that definitely eases the pain a bit. But I would happily pay full price for MAC eye shadows as I think they're really good quality and last ages. It's worth noting that you can buy quad palettes too so if you just wanted to own a few MAC eye shades, then that could be a good option! One thing I would recommend, if you're building your own palette, is to look out for when Debenhams offer 10% off MAC as that's a good time to stock up on stuff!

Anyways, moving on to the shades. 'Autumnal' eye shadows are my favourite and I basically wear them all year round. Infact, the four shades I'm about to show you are probably my most worn out of the whole palette...

Refill pans - £10 |  Pro Palette Large Single - £10  | x15 Insert - £2.50

From left to right...

Easily one of my most-used shades, Ricepaper is a very light peachy gold shade with a frost finish. I wear this all the time because it goes with so many different colours and it also works really well as a highlight under the brow bone or even on your cheeks! This is more of a base shade as it's pretty light and, if you want to add a bit more definition and colour, I'd pair it with any of the next three...

Amber Lights
Another shimmery number is Amber Lights which is a peachy brown/coppery shade with a frost finish. I love how copper/gold eyes always become people's go-to look in Autumn and if you're looking for a shade that fits that bill, then Amber Lights is definitely a good option. It goes so well with blue eyes and you only need a little bit to really make your eyes pop.

MAC describe this as a 'warm antique gold' and I don't think I can think of anything to say myself that sounds better than this, lols.  I LOVE this shade. It's probably my favourite of all my eyeshadows as, like Amber Lights, it just goes so well with blue eyes but I feel like it's a the more versatile of the two as it's not quite as shimmery (it's a veluxe pearl finish, rather than frost.) Again, if you're into the gold eyes trend, then Woodwinked is definitely a safe bet. 

I found it quite hard to photograph Mulch as it's actually a lot darker than it looks in the top picture. But it's basically a rich chocolate brown with red and bronze undertones and is one I reach for if I'm after a smokey eye that isn't too drastic. It's not a completely matte shade (classed as a velvet finish) but it's definitely not shimmery like the other three. This isn't one I would wear all over but more for just working into the corners or even using as an eyeliner. Mulch goes really well with all the shades above. Infact my usual 'going out' look tends to be Ricepaper on the lid, Amber Lights or Woodwinked in the crease and then Mulch worked into the corner to smoke things up a bit.

(For reference, the shade on the far right on the top photo, is Smut which is a slightly lighter than black shade that I basically just use as an eyeliner and couldn't crop off this photo without distorting the other shades!)

So if you're looking for four shades that work really well together and are seriously on trend for Autumn, then I would definitely recommend these any or all of these.

What are your fave eyeshadows (MAC or not) for Autumn?

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