Sunday, 11 October 2015

Remembering Why I Started Blogging & Falling Back In Love With It

The original title of this post was actually going to be 'Falling Out of Love With Blogging'. It was a Friday night, I was home alone and I really wanted get loads of blogging done, whilst I had chance, but I just could not be arsed. To summarise, I've been feeling a bit mehhhh about blogging, in general, lately and writing my thoughts down usually makes me feel a lot better. But I decided that instead of writing a ranty post about the reasons I've not been enjoying it, I would think back to why I actually started this lil old blog and, y'know what? It helped!

I started this blog last year, around May time I think, and did a really crappy post about two new Clarins products I'd bought because I felt a tad guilty about all the money I'd been spending on high end make up. At this point, I didn't really know much about blogs. I think I read gh0stparties and llymlrs every now and again but that was about it. I didn't realise that there was literally thousands of blogs out there, that people made a living from it and that the industry was, well, an industry at all! I just thought it was a couple of girls writing a post or two in their bedrooms in their spare time. N'aww, wasn't I naive?

I only did about 3 more posts over the next couple of months and then decided, in December, to start giving it a proper go. I'd got a Journalism degree and was itching to add some writing experience to my CV. So I thought why not start a blog, eh? It was then, when I researched into it, I realised just how huge this whole blogging thing was. If Zoella could afford to buy a mansion with her vlogging/blogging earnings then, erm, maybe blogging is actually kind of a big deal nowadays?

I got a bit silly then and started thinking "ooh I could be a full time blogger and just earn a living writing posts in my pyjamas, right!?" (So wrong!) Clearly, I realised this was not the case. I also realised that blogging was a lot of hard work. Like way more than I had first anticipated. When I'd started, I just wanted somewhere to write about beauty products or general thoughts and literally wrote up posts in about 20 minutes and just took a quick snap to go with it. At like 9pm, using a flash. OH BETH. 

It soon became apparent that the blogging industry has seriously high standards, nowadays. If you want your blog to be taken seriously, you've gotta put the effort in. Obviously there will be people out there that literally just blog for themselves. That don't care about taking their photos with natural light, getting into the Bloglovin popular page or how many followers they have. I sometimes do wish I could be like that. Like I was when I started. Just feeling excited when I got like 20 views on a post in a week. 

But then I realise that I actually really enjoy how blogging makes me push myself. How it's a challenge, sometimes and how I constantly learn new things. And although I go through 'meh' phases with it, I always, ALWAYS come back to it. Because blogging has basically become a way of life for me, now. It's not something I'd want to do full time (right now). But it's something I'm immensely proud of and is a community I love being a part of. So, if that's not enough reason to fall back in love with the crazy world of blogging, then what is!?

Do you ever fall out of love with blogging? Why did you start?

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