Monday, 19 October 2015

The Classic Silver Stud With A Rose Gold Twist

If there's one thing I'm happy to invest in, it's a good pair of staple earrings. I used to own loads of earrings and was obsessed with the 'Freedom' jewellery range at Topshop, in particular. However, I soon realised that 'cheap' earrings just didn't work for me. They made my ears really itchy and gave them that manky green tinge. Y'know the dealio. So when Gemporia got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out something from their range, I went straight to the earrings tab...

You know what's seriously hard to photograph? EARRINGS. Like, seriously. They're just way too small to try and photograph on their own so, unfortunately, you're stuck with half my face. At least you can see how they actually look in human ears though. Don't say I'm not good to you.

Anyways, I'd been after a pair of earrings for ages since I lost my last pair on a night out last year but have been far too lazy/poor to actually take the plunge and buy some. So online jewellery store, Gemporia, got in touch at exactly the right point. I don't really wear much jewellery anywhere else than my ears so when they offered me the chance to try something from their range, I obviously headed straight to the earrings section.

I was immediately drawn to these 2ct Ratanakiri Zircon Rose Gold Earrings* as they're perfect for everyday wear. They're worth about £125 but you can get them for just £42 on Gemporia - bargain or what? I love how elegant and minimal they are but they're still sparkly enough to grab a bit of attention. I also really like how the stud is a simple silver yet they are encased in rose gold to add a nice little twist.  And, lets be honest, you can never beat a bitta rose gold, can you?

What do you think of my earrings?

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