Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Why An Internet Detox Is So Worthwhile

There's very rarely (okay, never) a day goes by where I don't go on the internet in one way or another. Even whilst on holiday in Ibiza, earlier this year, my boyfriend and I regularly sought out cafes that had wifi so we could get our daily fix. When I think about it - that's seriously sad. Like, why do we feel the need to constantly be online?

Recently, I've been coming home on an evening and not wanting to go on my laptop at all. I used to work on a computer in an office so it was virtually impossible to avoid the internet but now that I work in schools/retail, I go hours without checking my phone/laptop and you know what? I love it. 

Other than having a quick scroll through the usual social media mullarkey on my breaks, I've been 
using the internet far less in the past few weeks and I feel a lot more refreshed because of it. I used to find myself getting 'social media envy' a lot (you should check out Hannah Gale's YouTube vid about how soul destroying this can be) because I'd constantly find myself browsing through Instagram/Pinterest and stumbling across other people's feeds filled with their seemingly glamorous and aspirational lifestyles. And I found myself getting jealous over girls I don't even know. It even made me pick myself apart because I wasn't as skinny as them, as pretty as them or as stylish as them. Stupid, right?

Although I've basically been forced into a position of using the internet less, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who feels like they might have a bit of an unhealthy addiction. It can be good to just remind yourself that although the internet is a seriously helpful, interesting and resourceful tool, it can distort reality and be ridiculously time consuming. It can be easy to think everything we see on the internet and social media is real. Just because someone's Instagram feed is full of cocktails, shopping and sun - it doesn't mean their life is. And although I wouldn't have a blog without the internet, constantly been on the internet actually made me fall out of love with blogging a bit. Because I became obsessed with checking my stats and follower count and getting upset when I didn't get any comments on a new post - silly things like that.

I also used to find myself wasting an entire evening just staring at my phone or laptop - doing nothing productive at all. So, recently,  I've been making room for proper 'me time' and really appreciating it. Just doing the little things like having a bath, pampering myself, getting lost in a book or catching up with TV. 

I just think it's nice to remind yourself that there is a life outside of the internet. And I, for one, would really like to start living it...

Do you need, or have you had, an internet detox?

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