Monday, 9 November 2015

13 Signs You're Obsessed With Food

Anyone who knows me will know that I lurrrrve da food. My life pretty much revolves around it - there, I said it. So, I thought I'd do a lil cheeky post about it because why the hell not, huh!? Here's 13 signs you're completely obsessed with food...

1) You check the menu online, in advance, before going out for a meal somewhere. And then pretend to actually look at the menu when you arrive at the restaurant - despite already having all 3 courses planned out in your head. You don't wanna look too keen, after all.

2) Panic mode sets in when you realise your shift at work isn't going to fit in around meal times. 12-
8pm? Like, what time do I have lunch? When do I have dinner? IT'S NOT RIGHT.

3) You honestly can't remember the last time you missed a meal. Who are these people who just 'forget' to eat!?

4) Browsing through the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram is a regular occurrence...

5) Online food shops make you really happy. Like really happy.

6) As soon as one meal is finished, you're most likely thinking about the next. It's good to plan ahead, after all.

7) Any special occasion will always involve food. Birthday's, anniversaries, promotions or, y'know, Friday's.

8) Having a mediocre meal really upsets you and you will probably feel bitterly disappointed with 
yourself for making such poor food choices.

9) You have genuine concern over those people who reply to questions like: 'What are you having for dinner?' with: 'Oh, I don't know, whatever's in.' 

10) Going out for food is one of your favourite hobbies. 

11) Long journeys = snack central. And if the journey ends up being longer than expected? No worries, you're prepared.

12) Hangry is one of your most frequent moods. And you're genuinely not responsible for what you say/how you act when you're hangry.

13) Your affection can probably be bought with food. Coming home to a surprise Dominos is probably going to excite me more than a bunch of flowers, tbh.

Anyone else as cray cray as me when it comes to food?

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