Sunday, 1 November 2015

Blogs To Check Out #1

The time has come to introduce to you the lovely bloggers who have been featuring in my sidebar this month! October was my first month of advertising and I was overwhelmed to actually get interest from people wanting to advertise on my blog, so thank you guys. But it also meant I got to discover some awesome new reads too - and hopefully you will guys as well! So, enough of me babbling, let's meet my October advertisers, shall we?

Ashton from Beauty Books and Babble

Hi there! I'm Ashton (a female Ashton, may I add!) and I'm a twenty-something year old mathematics student. A self confessed book sniffer, lipstick lover, Potterhead, TWD fan who loves zombies, stationery and sex on the beach. Yes, I do mean the cocktail.
The name of Ashton's blog pretty much sums up my life! And her blog encompasses everything you would expect from a name like that; make up, book reviews and, of course, a bit of chit chat in between, As a fellow book lover, Ashton's blog is one of the first I turn to when I want to find a new read and I love how she includes what she's currently reading in her sidebar. f you're looking for a blog with variety, then Ashton's is definitely for you! Make sure you're following her on social media too...

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Kayleigh from Very Berry Cosmo

Kayleigh was one of the first bloggers I spoke to when I started my own blog last year so I was super happy to have her as an advertiser this month! Very Berry Cosmo is not only one of my favourite drinks but it's also the name of Kayleigh's blog - which also happens to be one of my fave reads. If you're looking for a fun filled blog with a bit of everything then Kayleigh's is definitely the one for you. Her blog has just turned 1 too, so make sure to wish her a happy blog birthday! Check our her social media pages below...

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Fleur from Fleur Danielle

Like Kayleigh, Fleur was one of the first bloggers I spoke to when starting my own so having her as an advertiser this month has been fab! Fleur's blog features beauty, fashion, lifestyle - a bit of everything really so there will almost definitely be something for you on there. Fleur's bubbly personality always shines through in her posts, too, so you'll probably find yourself stuck on her blog for quite some time. Make sure you're following Fleur on her various social media pages below...

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Mitzi from The Bloggin Mamacita

My name is Mitzi. I'm a 30 something year old proud Latina mom of an awesome teenage son. My blog is I started blogging at the beginning of this year and I love being able to express my creative side with others. I write about life in general, beauty, a little fitness, shopping trips and tricks and more. Overall my goal is to hopefully inspire my readers one post at a time. I'd love nothing more than to make new blogging friends from all over as it allows us to exchange thoughts about life from all aspects. My social media links are as follows...

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Lauren from The Second Opinion

Hi, I'm Lauren - the woman behind 'The Second Opinion' blog! I'm 26, a passionate marketer, with a love for food, fashion and travel. My blog was created at the beginning of 2015 (can't believe how quickly the time has gone!). My blog started out very beauty focused but actually, as time has gone on, I've covered everything from fashion inspiration to general opinion pieces to food recipes. I like to keep my content varied, fresh and honest, with something for everyone! Please feel free to pop over and say hi on any of my channels...

Niamh from Little Miss Me

I'm Niamh, an 18 year old Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger from Ireland. I love to blog about different things that inspire me each and every day. My blog can vary from outfit posts, to pictures of my dogs, to beauty reviews. I absolutely love blogging and although life gets busy I'll always find time to sit down and blog. I'm a fully qualified beauty therapist and I love trying out new products. Expect all things totally girly, I'm makeup obsessed and would have a wardrobe just for shoes if I could. Come on over and say hello! I love meeting new people :) 

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I've loved having all these girlies in my sidebar this month and I hope you've found some new reads too! Let me know if you've discovered a new favourite :)

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